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5 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday with a Baby

If you’re looking for tips for a stress free holiday with a baby or toddler, I hope these help.

Family holidays are a funny thing. They’re our chance to stop work and spend quality time together.

They are also hard work. And the younger the child, sometimes the harder it is. My little ones are two and four years old and we have traveled a lot in the past few years.

We’ve flown long haul (from Australia to the UK) countless times and we’ve spent many weekends road tripping around NSW. We’ve stayed in many hotels and traveled by road, train and plane. So by now we’ve picked up some tips to make going on holiday with a baby stress free. Or at least a little less stressful than it might have been!

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5 Stress Free Family Holiday Tips

1. Plan Ahead

I’ve found it really helpful to start planning our trip as far in advance as possible. We’ll decide on a family friendly holiday location or resort and check out all of the local attractions and facilities online before booking.

Decide what is important for your family holiday and ensure that your destination measures up. For us, we love destinations with local attractions and activities that are great for little kids like ours. If it’s a hotel, we’ll see if it has a swimming pool, a park and a café. We also love to take our scooters with us on holiday!

Baby on beach

Whilst you don’t need to plan every day of your trip in advance, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you might do during your stay. We also plan the journey in advance to prevent getting lost (this sometimes still happens!). Plus, if a road trip is long, we’ll plan to stop along the way to give the kids a chance to blow off some steam and grab refreshments.

2. Stick to a Schedule (within reason)

If you have a young baby or toddler, it’s often a good idea to stick to a similar schedule as you do at home – particularly when it comes to bedtime.

We’ve always been quite strict about having our kids in bed by 7pm. Sometimes this is difficult to do when on holiday with other people. As much as possible though, we try to stick to our usual bedtime routine of bath, book and in bed as close to 7pm as possible. Our kids love routine and this generally means they will continue to sleep well on holiday, as they do at home. Then they’ll have more energy for fun the next day!

3. Make their surroundings comfortable

We find it helps to take some familiar items from home. It puts our babies at ease when they are in otherwise unfamiliar surroundings.

When we travel, we like to take the same books, bedding, car seat, stroller and toys that they’re used to having at home.  A baby car seat can be used on-board an aeroplane and then straight into the rental car when we’re going on bigger trips.  It just helps them relax a little bit which in turn makes our time away less stressful too.

4. Pack in advance

As much as possible, try to pack your bags in advance so that your day of travel is not too hectic.

Of course, with a little baby, there might be some things that you will not be able to pack until the day. Do as much as you can before the travel day as this will help you be more organised and confident that you have everything you need. Try to travel as light as you can – the new lightweight Britax Holiday™ stroller has a tiny fold size making it the perfect travel companion. It’s even small enough to fit in aeroplane overhead lockers!

I have a long list on my phone that I reuse every time we go away – I delete the items I’ve packed as I go. Being organised makes me feel less stressed – so I can spend more energy looking forward to the trip!

5. Be Flexible

Despite my advice of sticking to routines and schedules, remember you’re going on holiday!

There will be times when you have to throw the routine out of the window, or a delayed flight will do that for you.

Rather than panic, try to carry on and keep an open mind to enjoying your holiday. All your baby needs is you, something to eat and somewhere to sleep.

Merewether Beach

I’ve found that travelling with other families is brilliant. It’s so much fun as a larger group and there are many other adults to share the responsibility of watching the kids.

Also, if you have forgotten anything, another family is sure to be able to help you out!

The more you travel with kids, the easier it becomes. You get used to planning the trip in a way to suit you and your little ones get used to the whole process.

Swim up bars and cocktails by the pool might be a thing of the past for us for now but our family trips are so much more fun!

I hope my tips on having a stress free holiday with a baby help you!

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