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Here’s What 60 Days Sober Looks Like

It feels like only moments that I wrote about quitting alcohol and here I am, 60 days sober.

That’s two months – 2 months sober. And aside from my pregnancies and through chemo, this is the longest time I’ve ever gone without a drink since I started drinking alcohol.

Wow, 60 days alcohol free!

I won’t be sharing here why I stopped drinking as I already have – so if you didn’t know, you can skip back to why I stopped drinking alcohol here.

I will just add though that it was something I had to do, not just something I tried on a whim. I also recorded a podcast on why I quit alcohol here.

As many of you know, I’ve just written the first draft of a book about my journey to and out of alcohol addiction.

It’s a very personal account of:

  • what led me to drinking too much
  • how I became sober
  • my own strategies for staying sober
  • the results of my survey into Motherhood and Alcohol

I’m excited to share this book with you and hope so much that it helps another person who might be facing the same challenges.

Less Wine More Time - Mim Jenkinson

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Two Months Sober

Giving up drinking is still relatively new to me and I do appreciate that 60 days no alcohol isn’t a long time. I’m in this for the long haul though.

I check how long have I been sober every day using the I Am Sober app – which has a daily reminder that pings on my phone!

I think that by calling myself ‘sober’, I project to you the possibility that I had a ‘problem with drinking’.

Well, I did.

So whether I say I’m a non-drinker, a teetotaller or sober, it’s all the same thing to me. No drama, just a fact. Am I Sober? Yes.

What does sober mean?

For me, it’s simply that I no longer drink alcohol. 60 days without alcohol so far but I’ll never drink again. I went into this with the intention of never drinking it again for three main reasons (and numerous smaller ones):

  1. I had a problem with drinking too much, too frequently
  2. I wanted to experience the health benefits of not drinking alcohol
  3. I wanted to minimise the negative health effects that alcohol consumption can bring on.

You can check out Allen Carr’s book here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

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Tomorrow will mark 7 weeks of Alcohol-freeness – hurrah! . That’s the longest I’ve ever gone apart from pregnancies and chemo I think. . Next goal: forever ??? . There are loads of benefits so far but here are the best two: . 1) I sleep – like super deep lovely proper big sleep! I still have issues getting to sleep some nights but once I’m there, I’m gone. It’s a miracle! For years I blamed being a mum for sleeping so lightly – but now I’m pretty sure it was the wine. . 2) no more next-day anxiety. No more guilt of ‘why did I drink again?’ or ‘why did I have that last drink?’. Now I wake up fresh(ish), guilt-free and focused. . Like I said, there are millions of small wins too – but these are the two I’m loving the most. . There’s so much in life that’s out of my hands but this is something major that I CAN control. I can, I needed to and I am ?? feeling proud ?? . . . . . #soberaf #sobriety #sobermum #sobermom #sobermommy #soberlife #soberliving #soberissexy #febfast #soberevolution #soberlifestyle #sobermovement #sobernation #sobercommunity #sobersquad #soberwomen #soberwonen #soberwoman #soberity #sobersister #sobersisters #cleanandsober #soberfun #soberjourney #soberbia #sobergirls #sobersaturday #soberisbetter #tiredmumsclub #tiredmum

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Will I Ever Drink Alcohol Again?


I was blurring my life away. I purposefully drank to ‘forget’ or to ‘minimise’ the shit storm around me.

Alcohol was numbing the pain but fueling the anxiety fire and I appreciate now that I was only masking my demons, not facing them.

Which is awesome as now I get to face them head on, stone cold sober. It’s SCARY as shit. But I understand that I need to face them, as tough as it sometimes is.

So my plan is still to be sober forever. And it’s exciting – because the health benefits of quitting alcohol I’m already feeling are amazing!

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Right then. I’ve had lots of questions about why I’m no longer drinky Mim so I have responded in a big over-shary blog post – link in bio. . This is not wine obv – but I only just bought these amazing glasses and want to use them. . So I’ve treated myself to fancy lime flavoured @mountfranklin water because it’s Saturday night and I’m worth it! ? . Wtf do non-drinky people do after the kids are in bed? I’m 10 days in and the telly just broke. . Halp, @unexpectedjoyof! (PS I’m your newest biggest fan girl x) . I think the hubs and I are going to have to converse. Argh. . . . . . #soberaf #sober #sobriety #sobermum #sobermom #sobermommy #soberlife #soberliving #soberissexy #soberjanuary #soberisexy #soberevolution #soberlifestyle #sobermovement #sobernation #sobercommunity #sobersquad #soberwomen #soberwonen #soberwoman #soberity #sobersister #sobersisters #cleanandsober #soberfun #soberjourney #soberbia #sobergirls #sobersaturday #soberisbetter

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The benefits of not drinking alcohol for me

There are a couple of major benefits of giving up alcohol I’m feeling so far.

Better Sleep

I sleep – like I really sleep. Proper, deep, out-for-the-count sleep. SLEEP. Those of you who’ve been reading for a while know my issues with insomnia – I’ve struggled since my teen years with getting to sleep. But once I got to sleep, I was good.

Then, after having kids, sleep deprivation was constant. I had no time to sleep, I struggled to get to sleep and even when I did, the babies would wake me up after just minutes.

When they got older and slept for longer, I still struggled with staying asleep. I slept so lightly and I swear if they rolled over or so much as sighed I woke up. I put it down to ‘being a mum’.

Except now that’s changed!

I still sometimes struggle with getting to sleep but once I’m out, I am OUT. It literally feels like a mini miracle.

I’m still an insomniac, but wow I’m sleeping better overall.

Less Anxiety

That ‘next day guilt’ or paranoia or disappointment in myself has gone. Gone.

No more ‘what did I do last night?’ or ‘why did I not stop drinking earlier?’ or ‘why did I do it again?’.

I now wake up feeling fresh (ish), guilt-free and focused.

Anxiety and PTSD after cancer is still a thing for me. Still something I’m working on every day. But the anxiety I was giving myself from drinking too much, too frequently, has gone. And it feels amazing to be taking back some control in my life when so much has been taken away from me.

There are many more benefits that are still showing up in my new alcohol-free life every day.

I’ll share more soon on those because some of the smaller health benefits of quitting alcohol and living a sober life have really surprised me. And every day, I’m finding that the reasons to stay sober grow and grow as I feel so much more in control of my life.

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This is what 25 days sober looks like! First non-filtered pic in a while though ? . Yes – not too different on the outside but here are the benefits so far that I’ve found since quitting le booze: . ?better sleep – I still struggle getting to sleep often but once I’m asleep it’s deeep – no more waking up a million times a night! ?no hangovers – big or small ?less anxiety – none of that ‘guilty’ or ‘paranoid’ feeling I got before ?improved memory – not having to rewatch a whole Netflix show because I forgot what happened during a wine or four ?a feeling of freedom – I’m no longer chained to the compulsion to drink . I’m no longer getting cravings – none! No desire whatsoever to drink or pick the habit back up. . I’m no longer mourning for that feeling of being slightly buzzed. . But there are a couple of temporary downsides: ❄️I’m having to face the demons I would have easily drowned out with booze before. This is scary – realising I’m not ‘ok’ with the things I thought I was. Lots to discuss with my psych next time. It will be ok. ❄️not losing weight yet – been transferring my attention to sugar. It’s high on my agenda to sort but being kind to myself because I’ve achieved SO much already. . 25 days y’all – next milestone will be a month – and then forever ??? . THANK YOU for your support x x . . . . . #soberaf #sobriety #sobermum #sobermom #sobermommy #soberlife #soberliving #soberissexy #febfast #soberevolution #soberlifestyle #sobermovement #sobernation #sobercommunity #sobersquad #soberwomen #soberwonen #soberwoman #soberity #sobersister #sobersisters #cleanandsober #soberfun #soberjourney #soberbia #sobergirls #sobersaturday #soberisbetter #tiredmumsclub #tiredmum

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The Cons

I’ll start by saying that I haven’t experienced any ‘cons’ that would make me stop this mission to quit drinking alcohol forever.

However, there is one thing that happened that I didn’t expect.

I didn’t quit drinking lose weight but I did expect the weight to fall off when I stopped. It hasn’t and in fact, I’ve put on a couple of kilos.

This has really surprised me – because the calories I was consuming through alcohol would have been massive.

I thought it was a given that giving up alcohol weight loss would occur but apparently not. To be honest, I feel a bit ripped off!

However, I’ve changed my diet considerably at around the same time and I think this might have had an effect. So I’ll report back soon on how the weight situation is going.

Despite putting on a bit of weight, the benefits of being sober from alcohol far outweigh the cons (pun totally intended!) so far.

If you need help getting sober

I’m not sharing my story to tell you how to stop drinking alcohol or why you should or shouldn’t. I have no interested in preaching at all and hope by sharing my story it doesn’t come across that I am.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to quit drinking, consult your GP.

If you want to know what happens when you stop drinking alcohol, I found this article really informative on what happens when you stop drinking alcohol.

Is life better sober? For me, 100% yes! Being sober is great. Living ‘the sober life’ has also opened my eyes and ears to how so many other women are doing the same thing.

Since I first shared the reasons I was quitting drinking, I’ve been absolutely inundated with hundreds of emails and messages from so many women who are thinking of quitting too.

And do feel free to reach out to me – in the Comments, by email or on social media. Because I’m always happy to chat about what I’m doing and how it’s changing my life.

Less Wine More Time - Mim Jenkinson

ORDER MY BOOK, “Less Wine, More Time”:

Australia: Click to buy Less Wine, More Time now

US: Click to buy Less Wine, More Time now

UK: Click to buy Less Wine, More Time now

Rest of World: order via Amazon.

You can check out Allen Carr’s book here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

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This is what being 60 days sober looks like - I'm 2 months sober! Love from Mim #sober #soberaf #alcoholfree Dry January, Feb Fast/Febfast, Sober October #alcoholicsanonymous #sobriety

So this is me at 60 days sober – best decision ever!


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