Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner Review and Demo

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In this Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner review, we put it to the test in multiple rooms and I’ll share our honest thoughts. Plus, a video demo so that you see it in action!

This is a system that promises to deep clean tiles, and grouting, on all types of ceramic and porcelain tiled floors.

Reviewing it appealed to me because we have tiles in numerous rooms in our home: the bathroom, ensuite, kitchen and laundry.

Even though our bathrooms are only around a year old, the grouting is already getting some staining and as it’s quite porous, it’s often hard to clean. The husband thinks it’s my hair dye staining the bathroom floors – it MIGHT be.

In the kitchen, our tiles are over 25 years old and we’re planning to replace them soon, but I wanted to see if the Britex tile grout cleaner machine would give them a new lease of life first.

Mim Jenkinson with Britex Tile and Grout Cleaner

About the Britex Grout & Tile Cleaner

The system deep cleans by scrubbing away grout between tiles, as well as cleaning the surface of tiles too.

With the help of a cleaning solution, the machine dispenses hot soapy water on to the tiles to thoroughly clean them and with one click, extracts the dirty water back up.

Its brush, which can be turned 90 degrees, helps to remove grease and stains from grouting and promises to leave ceramic and porcelain tiles streak-free.

Our Review of the Grout and Tile Cleaner

I tested the machine in our main bathroom, ensuite and a little in the kitchen.

You can watch my review and demo video here:

Setting it up was easy:

  • Attached the black tube from the machine to the wand.
  • Click the cleaning pad to the nozzle.
  • Add hot tap water and cleaning solution to Tank B (check instructions for current amount for your machine)
  • Plug in.
  • Press the Pump button and then the Vac button.
  • Hold in handle to release water to tiles.
  • Release handle to suck up water

 Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner - Love from Mim


The machine was so easy to assemble, connect and turn on.

Whilst you must work hard to remove stains, it doesn’t take anything like as much effort as a mop does on stubborn stains and getting into the tight grouting was a breeze in comparison.

Even some really stubborn stains, e.g. hair dye (!), were removed and we’ve never been able to scrub those away before now. I actually thought they had permanently stained the grouting.

 Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner Results - Love from Mim

 Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner Results - Love from Mim

I was most surprised by the change to the kitchen tiles and if we were not replacing them, I would have spent much longer on cleaning them all as the result after just a few minutes was brilliant in comparison to how they had been before cleaning.

Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner Results - Love from Mim


I found cleaning the ensuite tricky because the space is very small however, the website does warn that it isn’t designed for small spaces like bathrooms.

For big rooms with a lot of space, or even industrial spaces, this would be ideal as with some room to manoeuvre, moving around would be much easier.

Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner Review Final Thoughts

For the home, I think this would be a great cleaner to use at the end of a lease or when getting your home ready for sale. You might also try it once every 3-6 months to give your tiles a really thorough clean.

However, it isn’t easy to use in small bathrooms – it’s possible – just a bit tricky to use it to its full potential.

For commercial buildings, or even home garages or large tiled rooms like living rooms, this does a great job and would bring even old tiles closer to their former glory.

You can find out more about it here and hire at Bunnings.



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I hope you found this Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner review useful.


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