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23 Back to School Gift Ideas for Teachers and Students

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The back-to-school season is a time of anticipation and excitement as students, teachers, and educators gear up for a fresh start. One of the best ways to make this special time even more memorable is by surprising your loved ones with thoughtful and inspiring planner and stationery back to school gift ideas!

If you’re looking for back to school gift ideas for students or teachers, you’re in the right place.

These gifts not only add a touch of creativity and organization to their academic journey but also show them that you support and believe in their success. You could pick out individual gifts or create a back to school gift basket.

Here are 21 delightful planner and stationery gift ideas that will brighten up anyone’s back-to-school experience!

Erin Condren Back to School Gift Ideas

23 Planner and Stationery Back to School Gift Ideas

Let’s get your back to school ideas for gifts sussed.

1. Personalized Planner

Start the school year on the right foot with a personalized planner designed just for them. Add their name, initials, or a motivating quote on the cover to make it uniquely theirs.

A personalized planner is an essential tool to stay organized, plan out assignments, and set goals for the year ahead.

Erin Condren Back to School

I adore the Erin Condren range of LifePlanners, Study or Academic Planners, Homeschool Planners and Teacher Lesson Planners – and they can all be personalized! So they’re a great go-to for back to school ideas for teachers and students.

Mim Jenkinson with Erin Condren LifePlanner
Mim Jenkinson with an Erin Condren LifePlanner

Check them out here.

2. Decorative Stickers Set

Elevate their planning game with a collection of decorative stickers that add flair and fun to their planners. Of course, this is one of my fave teacher back to school gift ideas as I’m obsessed with stickers.

From cute illustrations to motivational quotes, stickers can inspire creativity and organization.

Look for sticker sets that align with their interests, whether it’s travel, animals, or hobbies, to make their planner truly unique.

Erin Condren Stickers

You can check out my range of printable stickers at Paper Planner Club and I also love the Erin Condren planner sticker range.

3. Colorful Highlighters

Make studying more enjoyable with a set of vibrant highlighters. Encourage them to color-code their notes, making it easier to remember and revise important information.

A colorful set of highlighters can also add a touch of creativity to their study sessions.

Erin Condren Highlighters

Check out the beautiful range of highlighters here.

4. Inspirational Pencils or Pens

Foster positivity and creativity with a set of inspirational pencils. Each pencil can feature a different uplifting quote, reminding them to stay motivated and focused throughout the school day.

These pencils will not only be practical but also serve as constant reminders of their potential.

This Ultimate Pen Folio is on my wishlist!

Erin Condren Ultimate Pen Folio

5. Desk Organizer Set

Help them keep their study space tidy and efficient with a stylish desk organizer set. Look for options that include compartments for pens, pencils, paper clips, and other essentials.

A well-organized desk can boost productivity and make studying more enjoyable.

Erin Condren Desk Organization

Check out the variety of desk organization sets here.

6. Washi Tape Collection

Washi tape is a versatile and decorative tool that can be used to personalize notebooks, decorate planners, and add flair to study materials.

Gift them a set of colorful washi tapes to unleash their creativity and add a unique touch to their school supplies.

How cute are these Teacher washi tapes for a back to school teacher gift idea?

Erin Condren Teacher Washi Tapes

7. Academic Wall Calendar

Keep them on top of important dates and events with an academic wall calendar.

For great back to school teacher gift ideas, look for ones with large date grids and space for notes, making it easy for them to plan their schedule and stay organized.

Erin Condren Academic Wall Calendar

I love how practical this one is.

8. Sticky Notes Variety Pack

Sticky notes are a must-have for jotting down reminders, to-do lists, and study tips.

Gift them a variety pack with different sizes and shapes to suit various needs. Sticky notes can be a lifesaver during busy study sessions or when planning group projects. Check out these Teacher Sticky Notes!

Erin Condren Teacher Sticky Notes

I love using Erin Condren sticky notes in my planner (and everywhere else!).

9. Bullet Journal Starter Kit

For those who love the concept of bullet journaling, consider putting together a starter kit with a dot grid journal, fine-tip pens, and stencils for creating beautiful layouts.

Bullet journaling can help them stay organized, focused, and inspired throughout the school year.

10. Fun Bookmarks

Inspire their love for reading with adorable and unique bookmarks. Look for designs that match their interests, such as animals, quotes, or popular book characters.

Bookmarks can encourage them to make reading a part of their daily routine.

11. Pencil Case with Compartments

A practical yet stylish pencil case with multiple compartments will keep their writing instruments organized and easily accessible. A go-to, and easy to find first day school gift ideas option for many.

Choose a design that reflects their personality or interests for an extra special touch.

Erin Condren Pencil Case

12. Desk Calendar with Motivational Quotes

A daily desk calendar featuring motivational quotes will uplift their spirits and keep them focused on their goals throughout the school year.

Each day, they’ll be greeted with a positive message to start their day on a high note.

Erin Condren Desk Calendar

Check out the gorgeous range here.

13. Academic Planner Stamps

Planner stamps are a fun and creative way to mark events, tasks, and achievements in their planners.

Choose a set with various designs for added versatility. Planner stamps can add a touch of creativity to their planning routine.

Have you seen these quirky Stamp Pens?

Erin Condren Stamp Pens

14. Meal Planning Pad

Keep their nutrition and meal planning on track with a handy meal planning pad.

This will help them stay organized, save time on grocery shopping, and maintain a healthy diet even during busy school days.

Erin Condren Meal Planning-Notepad

Here’s a lovely Meal Planning Notepad that would make a very thoughtful gift. It could even be an end of school teacher gift ideas option that they could use all year round, not just in term time.

15. Time Management Clock

A time management clock that visually represents their schedule can help them manage their time effectively.

This clock can be a helpful tool to teach them about time management and ensure they allocate time to their various activities.

16. Personalized Notebook

Looking for first day of school teacher gift ideas? A personalized notebook with their name or a motivating message on the cover will make them feel special and ready to tackle every day.

For a student, choose a notebook that aligns with their interests or hobbies for an extra special touch.

Erin Condren Notebooks

Read my Erin Condren Notebook Review here.

17. Erasable Pens

Erasable pens are perfect for note-taking and planning, allowing them to make corrections without the mess of traditional erasers.

These pens are practical and help them keep their notes neat and tidy.

I love the FriXion range!

18. Inspirational Wall Art

Add a touch of inspiration to their study area with motivational wall art.

Look for prints with phrases like “Dream Big” or “Believe in Yourself” to keep them motivated and focused on their goals.

19. Subject Dividers

Subject dividers for binders or notebooks will keep their notes and assignments organized and easy to find.

Consider choosing dividers with fun patterns or colors to make their study materials stand out.

We love these Teacher Snap In Dashboards too:

Erin Condren Teacher Snap In Dashboard

These Erin Condren reusable index cards are also super helpful for a variety of purposes.

20. Calendar Stickers

Calendar stickers with bold colors and icons can help highlight important dates, tests, and extracurricular activities in their planner.

These stickers will make their planning routine more visually appealing and organized.

21. Gratitude Journal

Encourage them to cultivate a positive mindset with a gratitude journal.

Gratitude journaling can promote mental well-being and help them focus on the positive aspects of their school and personal life.

Check out this Kids Daily Gratitude Journal!

Erin Condren Kids Daily Gratitude Journal

22. School Supplies Tote Bag

This tote is perfect for organizing and carrying school essentials on the go.

Erin Condren School Supplies Tote Bag

It’s designed with durable, high-quality materials, stylish accents, and storage compartments and can be carried comfortably and in style, from home to work to the gym, on vacation, and everywhere in between!

Check it out here.

23. School Lunch Bag

Or how about a lunch bag that’s as stylish as it is practical? Oh, how I wish I’d had something like this at school myself.

Erin Condren School Lunch Bag

Check it out here.

5 Heartfelt Reasons to Give a Back to School Teacher Gift

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping our lives and guiding us towards a brighter future.

They go above and beyond their call of duty to inspire, educate, and support us on our academic journey. One meaningful way to express gratitude and appreciation for their hard work is by giving them a thoughtful gift.

School Classroom

Here are five heartfelt reasons why giving your teacher a gift is a wonderful gesture that can leave a lasting impact on their hearts.

1. A Token of Gratitude

Teachers dedicate countless hours to their students, not only imparting knowledge but also instilling valuable life skills.

By giving your teacher a gift, you show them that their efforts are recognized and valued. It’s a way of expressing your heartfelt thanks for their unwavering dedication and commitment to your education and personal growth.

2. Encouragement and Motivation

Teachers face various challenges in their profession, and your support can go a long way in keeping their spirits high.

A thoughtful gift can serve as a source of encouragement and motivation, reminding them of the positive impact they make in the lives of their students.

Your gesture can brighten their day and inspire them to continue making a difference in the lives of future generations.

3. Strengthening Teacher-Student Bond

The teacher-student relationship is built on trust, respect, and understanding. Giving your teacher a gift is a beautiful way to strengthen this bond. It shows that you not only see them as an educator but also as a caring mentor and friend.

This strengthened connection can create a positive and nurturing learning environment, benefiting both you and your classmates.

4. Celebrating Special Occasions

Teachers are instrumental in celebrating your achievements, big or small.

Whether it’s a graduation, a milestone, or an accomplishment in a particular subject, giving your teacher a gift on these occasions is a thoughtful way to reciprocate the joy and celebrate together.

Your gift becomes a symbol of shared success and a cherished memory of your time in their classroom.

5. Fostering a Culture of Appreciation

When you give your teacher a gift, you set an example of appreciation and kindness for your peers. Your gesture can inspire others to express their gratitude as well, fostering a culture of appreciation within the school community.

By showing that you value and appreciate your teacher’s hard work, you contribute to creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for everyone.

Giving your teacher a gift is a heartfelt gesture that goes beyond material offerings. It is an expression of gratitude, encouragement, and appreciation for their dedication to nurturing young minds and shaping future generations. From a simple thank-you note to a thoughtful gift, your gesture will leave a lasting impact on their hearts, making them feel valued and cherished.

As the saying goes, “Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime.” By giving a gift, you’re watering those seeds, showing your teacher that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

So, take the opportunity to celebrate your teacher, express your thanks, and brighten their day with a thoughtful token of appreciation.

Your gesture will not only touch their hearts but also inspire them to continue making a positive difference in the lives of many more students to come.

5 Awesome Reasons to Give a School Student a Gift

When it comes to school students, a thoughtful gift can have a profound impact on their overall well-being and academic journey.

Here are five thoughtful reasons why giving a school student a gift is a meaningful gesture that can bring smiles and positivity to their lives.

School Classroom

1. Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem

School can be a challenging environment for students, with various academic and social pressures. A well-chosen gift can act as a confidence booster, making them feel special and valued.

Whether it’s a simple note of encouragement, a small token of appreciation, or a gift that aligns with their interests, your gesture can positively influence their self-esteem and help them feel more confident in their abilities.

2. Recognizing Achievements and Efforts

Every student puts in hard work and dedication in their studies and extracurricular activities. Giving a student a gift is a way to recognize and celebrate their achievements and efforts.

It shows that you see their progress and growth, and it encourages them to continue striving for excellence. Acknowledging their accomplishments motivates them to stay focused and dedicated to their goals.

3. Fostering a Positive Learning Environment

Gift-giving can help create a positive and inclusive learning environment within the school community. When students receive thoughtful gifts from their peers or teachers, it cultivates a sense of camaraderie and kindness.

This positive atmosphere can enhance the overall learning experience and lead to more meaningful interactions among students, fostering a supportive and encouraging space for personal and academic growth.

4. Celebrating Special Occasions

Life is filled with milestones, and school life is no exception. Birthdays, graduations, academic achievements, or participation in events are all worth celebrating.

A gift on such occasions is a beautiful way to mark the importance of these moments in a student’s life. It shows that you care and share their joy, making the celebration even more memorable and meaningful.

5. Spreading Happiness and Kindness

The act of giving is a gesture of kindness and compassion. By giving a school student a gift, you are spreading happiness and creating a ripple effect of positivity. Your gesture can brighten their day and make them feel loved and cared for.

Moreover, it can inspire them to pay it forward and share kindness with others, creating a chain reaction of heartfelt gestures throughout the school community.

Giving a school student a gift is a heartwarming gesture that can have a far-reaching impact. From boosting their confidence and self-esteem to fostering a positive learning environment and celebrating special occasions, your gift shows that you care and appreciate their presence in your life. Moreover, it spreads joy, kindness, and positivity, creating a harmonious and supportive school community.

As you take the time to choose a thoughtful gift, remember that the simplest gestures often have the most significant impact. A kind word, a small token of appreciation, or a note of encouragement can make a world of difference to a school student. So, embrace the joy of giving, and let your thoughtful gift brighten the day of a school student, leaving a lasting impression of love and appreciation.

Back to School Gift Ideas for Teachers and Students

What did you think of these back to school gift ideas? Some of them might also make great birthday or Christmas gifts or even high school graduation gift ideas.

This back-to-school season, show your loved ones how much you care by gifting them thoughtful and inspiring stationery and planner-themed gifts.

From personalized planners to colorful highlighters and decorative stickers, these gifts will not only add a touch of creativity to their academic journey but also help them stay organized and motivated throughout the school year.

Choose from the 21 unique and practical gift ideas mentioned above, and you’re sure to make their back-to-school experience even more special and memorable.

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I hope you’re super inspired by these planner and stationery back to school gift ideas!


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