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TPP #44 – Behind the Scenes in My Launch!

Welcome to Episode #44 of The Planner Podcast.

In this episode, I’m sharing my plans, vision, fear and so much more behind the scenes of a new online product launch!

I know you’ll love listening to this very real and ‘in the moment’ share. Full transcript below.


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This new product has been in the planning for a while now – and long enough that I’m ready to share more about how it’s coming together

You might have seen me talking about this a little more recently on my social and email – and you might have already jumped in as a founding member – I’ll tell you more about that later.

BUT that isn’t what today’s episode is about. Today I want to share with you what goes into how I make decisions for my business, some of the key planning that’s involved, the decisions I make – and how I make them. I’m also sharing my exciting vision for this and we’re going to talk a LOT about my feelings and fears too – because fear is something that comes up a lot for business owners – ME included.

The Co-Work Plan is a space online for you to dedicate time to focus on the tasks that will actually grow your business – but let me tell you later how this can apply to non-business owners too.

I’m also going to tell you more about my vision later.

How many times a week do you find yourself shouting “I’m too busy!” or “I don’t have time for that”? Especially when you look at your weekly To-Do List. And let me tell you, you’re not alone.

We’re so busy juggling ALL the things, that our list keeps getting longer because we’ve never finished all the things that we’ve started. And as much as I love them, not many of my friends and family truly GET what I do – so it’s hard to share my goals with them for accountability. It just doesn’t really work out.

When I talk to my audience, it’s the BIGGEST thing you’re saying too. That you have NO time. Or you don’t have enough time. Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re being pulled in all directions from kids, projects or the notifications that just. won’t. stop. beeping. And it’s hard to stay focused on one thing when you’re constantly getting side-tracked.

THIS is why I’ve created this virtual co-working space where we can come together and get uninterrupted time to focus on the things that are important for US and our business and life.

My vision for this is huge – it’s a virtual co-working club that will operate a lot like a gym membership – but for us to co-work together online! Founding members have already got started and for one very small monthly fee, we’re coming together MULTIPLE times throughout the month to co-work together and finally get things done in our business.

The feedback I’ve had after each session has been SO very positive – like they didn’t realise how turning off those distractions and having someone, ME, to be accountable to would make the difference it has in finding time to check off their To Do list.

So, let’s just talk about who this is for and then I’m going to share more about what’s happening behind the scenes – including some of the big things I’m nervous – actually a little scared – about.

Does any of this found familiar to you?

  • you don’t always have a dedicated time to work on your business every day – or even every week.
  • you sometimes struggle to styay focused on the things you need to do – and get pulled down rabbit holes or towards shiny objects
  • you know batching some of your tasks will help you get more done – but you haven’t actually made the start to do that
  • your schedule feels reactionary – like you’re slotting in tasks where you can instead of planning ahead to get things done
  • you want to create more time to … create!
  • or maybe, like me, you sign up for ALL the courses but do’t always get round to finishing them. Or even starting them!
  • you want someone to be accountable to – because you know that by showing up for them, you’ll show up for yourself?

THIS is why I’ve created this virtual co-working space because I want YOU to take yourself and your goals as seriously as I do for you!

And I’m excited about how this is going to go because my founding members are already getting so many great results.

But it also comes with some fear too for me. Doing anything new is scary. Even 6 years into my business, it’s still scary to say “Hey, I’m doing this thing – wanna join me?”

I mean, what if no-one signs up? What is no-one TURNS up? What if no-one wants the thing I thought they wanted.

And I know it’s the same for you when it comes to your goals. Which is why I wanted to share this today.

The first fear I had about no-one signing up has gone mainly – because I already have founding members who have signed up (PHEW ha ha!) and messaged me to say how much they’re loving the space we’re creating together. They’re turning up too – and I have more to share on what in a moment.

And you know what’s just as big as that – I’M showing up. I’ve taken my idea and dedicated the time I needed to make it happen. Even when I was busy. Even when others didn’t get it. Even when I was scared.

And the alternative would have been:

  • Waiting until it was perfectly planned out
  • Waiting until I was 100% convinced that maaaany people would sign up
  • Waiting until my website page was perfect, the schedule was finished and I had come up with a robust promotion plan that wouldn’t fail.

But the thing is, if I’d have waited for all of those things to happen, I wouldn’t be talking to you now. I wouldn’t have already done the darn thing and opened up for founding members. And I wouldn’t have got those messages from members raving about the results THEY’RE getting. None of this would have happened yet.

And while I won’t pretend it’s always easy to actually start taking steps to do new things, check off those tasks and put new business ideas out there.

I will tell you how it’s more frustrating and disappointing to NOT do it.

I am ALL for planning ahead – as you know! But there comes a time where you have to DO the WORK.

So here has been the ‘behind the scenes’ as I launch this exciting new venture.

We have MULTIPLE co-working sessions for you to choose from every month to work on YOUR goals – and I’ll be adding more very soon to give you even more choice.

Founding members will never pay more as long as your membership remains active.

So if you’ve ever missed out on getting the super affordable founding member price at your new gym, don’t miss this one ha ha!

I hope this glimpse behind the scenes has been fun for you to listen to!

And you can reach out to me on Instagram at @lovefrommim if you have any questions at all.

I can’t wait to co-work with you soon!

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