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5 Best Canva Tips for Sticker Making!

As a sticker creator, you know how important it is to produce high-quality and captivating stickers for your audience. We’re going to share the best Canva tips for sticker making to make your life even easier!

I know what it’s like – trying to create great stickers from scratch can be a daunting task, but Canva makes the process easier and more fun.

Canva is a mobile and web-based graphic design software that is perfect for effortlessly creating sleek and professional stickers.

The 5 Best Canva Tips for Sticker Making!

To help you bring your sticker creation to the next level, we’ve put together the best Canva tips to optimize your workflow and produce top-notch designs.

1. Use the Right Sticker Template for Canva

Canva offers hundreds of sticker templates that you can choose from.

Canva Tips for Sticker Making

These sticker templates come in a range of sizes, shapes, and design styles to suit your needs.

Choose the right template for your design, and then customize it to fit your brand’s unique style.

Know that you cannot use the premade templates to resale on sites such as Etsy. You can use them for inspiration for a project you make from scratch.

2. Experiment with Icons and Illustrations

Canva has a vast library of free icons and illustrations that can take your sticker designs to the next level. 

Seek inspiration within the extensive range of graphics available, and use them to create unique designs. 

With Canva, you can customize any element of these visuals to match your brand’s color palette and style.

If you want to make a cohesive product line of stickers, make sure to choose clip art that has a lot of choices in the same design and color palette.

To find clip art from the same Canva creator, from inside of your design, type in the clip art you need, such as “kawaii”, then hit enter. From the results click on the clip art you like and then click on the other clip art created by that artist.

Canva Tips for Sticker Making

From there you will be able to find clip art done in the same style for your project.

3. Incorporate Text

Adding text to your stickers can make them more exciting and can help you communicate your brand’s message effectively. 

Canva offers playful handwritten fonts and different graphics that can help you put your brand’s voice to life. 

You can also find plenty of versatile text-over sticker templates in Canva’s library. Experiment with different fonts and sizes to make each sticker unique.

For people with Canva Pro, know that you can upload any fonts you buy on websites such as Creative Fabrica into your “Brand Kit”.

This will allow you to use fonts outside of Canva’s font database that you have specifically chosen for your project.

4. Use Canva Graphic Design Tools

Canva boasts a variety of graphic design tools that can offer more precision and ease when creating stickers. 

These tools not only help you create stickers that stand out, but they can also streamline the workflow and save you time. 

From image manipulation to backgrounds and layers, Canva has got you covered.

A tool I love to use for sticker creation is the “grouping” tool. There are also tons of image manipulation tools in their apps section.

5. Optimize your Design for Printing

Once you have completed designing your sticker, ensure it’s designed with the printer in mind. 

You need to export and print your sticker design correctly. 

For printing your designs, adjust the document size and make it the same as your final print size. 

Print your sticker design to make sure it looks great and is the right size for your intended project/

Final Thoughts about Canva tips for sticker making

Canva is a powerful platform that unleashes your creativity in creating sleek and professional sticker designs. 

By using the above-stated tips, you can produce captivating and engaging stickers for your audience. 

Create your sticker designs with ease and confidence knowing that Canva has abundant tools and resources to make your sticker designing experience enjoyable.

Ready to Start Making Canva Stickers?

If you’re looking for pre-made Canva Sticker Templates, check mine out here in this blog post or here to buy them!

You can use these done-for-you Canva sticker templates to make stickers for yourself or to sell the stickers.

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