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TPP #65 – Plans … with Mim! Summits, Braces, Insomnia + Exciting Plans!

Welcome to Episode #65 of The Planner Podcast.

In this biiiiiig update episode, I share summit results, a braces update, the woes of insomnia and SO many exciting plans!


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Hi, this is Mim Jenkinson and you’re listening to The Planner Podcast.

Hi lovely, it’s so nice to be back online. It’s been a really busy few months for sure. Super busy. And as you know, my memory isn’t the greatest. So I’ve got my trusty post it note with the things that I want to share with you today, because I thought we’d do a little update. There have been some amazing things happening.

There have been some harder things happening, and there are things to really look forward to. So, first of all, I hope all is super well with you at the minute. So, some of you will know that I hosted my third summit, in June. So, it’s now, it’s the 19th of July. I had to actually look at the calendar then because life is so busy.

I didn’t even know what the date was. 19th of July. And, in the, on the 12th of June, I had my third Planner Craft Pro Summit. It went so well. I had some amazing speakers. So we had some speakers who had been at the last two summits had come back again. And we also had some new amazing speakers too. How many did we have altogether?

I think it was, I think there was 34, including me, it feels like three years ago. It was only last month, but it was 21 and a half thousand attendees came to the online summit. There was, it was a four day event. And, the reason I called it planner craft pro is to, for those of you who haven’t attended before.

Shame on you. No, I’m joking. The first day is all about planning, goal setting, productivity, planner, everything planner related. And the second day, this time it was the second and the third day, is all about planner themed crafts. So it could be anything from making stickers to making planners, whether it’s a printed planner or a printable planner.

What else? Making SVGs, digital things, all, all kinds. We had classes featuring all different softwares, including Cricut, Silhouette, Illustrator. It was just so fun. And then the last day, the kind of pro side of it is for those of you who want to share or sell your planner themed crafts online. So starting printables, Etsy.

Making more sales. We just had such an amazing array of speakers and it was so fun. It was really smooth. I don’t think that anything that went was like majorly hard this time. It definitely, definitely gets easier as you run more and more summits. The first one is absolutely the hardest one, I think, for so many reasons.

Hard because there’s just so much to organize. I think people really underestimate, I definitely did, how much goes into a summit. Others can kind of see that it’s there’s a lot, there’s a lot that goes into it for sure. Speaking of seeing, so for those of you that are watching the video version of this, you’ll have noticed that I’ve got some really attractive elastic bands in my braces now.

Hopefully I’m not slurring too much, but for those of you who don’t know, I’ve had braces for Nearly five months. I think it’s five months later this week and um my friends know just how much I’m not loving the experience I’m not loving it at all. But I am gonna love the outcome. So I’m really trying to focus on that Not gonna lie though.

It’s hard Anyway, I’ve got elastic bands in at the moment because I had four teeth extracted and these elastic bands are doing the job of pulling And my top teeth back. They’re really sticking out right now And closing the gaps. So it’s all exciting. A lot of movement is happening. But one of the side effects of that is it’s really uncomfortable at times.

It’s really affecting my sleep And I was really tired after the summit too because so much goes into it But it was worth absolutely every second of planning. It was so worth it. I had a great time I am so grateful to the speakers and i’m so so grateful to all of those people who attended and And got things out of it and gave great feedback, too.

So I’m in the process of like formulating the next plan for the next summit now So the three that i’ve hosted so far have all been the planner craft pro summit. So the theme that I mentioned before We did one in june then november and then the june just gone but I’m thinking of a change. I’m more than thinking of a change.

I’ll have more on this really, really soon, probably in the next episode. But I want to share with you that it’s really exciting. It’s a slightly different focus and big things are happening. So I’ll share more soon, but I, um. I’m nervous, but I’m excited too. So yay. But I did book a holiday. So I’m so, did I mention how tired I am?

I’ve booked a holiday. I’ve just booked a family trip. Later in the year, the next couple of months, myself and the, my husband and my two kids are going to go to Fiji again, which is so exciting because I went for the first time, we went for the first time together last year. After the November summit and it was just so amazing.

It was, so peaceful and relaxing, the weather was fantastic. I’m really hoping for, the same this time. We’re going to a different hotel. It’s really booked up and I left it right until the last minute to book, but super excited about going. So, yay. Have you been to Fiji? If you have, let me know. And if you have, let me know where you stayed.

So we’re going to be staying on the Coral Coast, which is the area that we stayed in last time. I so can’t wait. I so can’t wait. What else is happening that’s been exciting? So, Oh, I have a new teammate. So, amazing Aisha has joined the team. She is joined and she is going to be, helping me with customer service, with community management.

You are all going to get to know her. It’s going so well. I love her to bits and I’m really excited that she’s joined. Yay! It’s just, it’s so, I was speaking to a friend about this yesterday, like, Being a solopreneur for such a long time and I’ve had help along the way, think like from friends and people who’ve helped me for periods of time, for sure, but generally overall it’s me.

Like it’s just me by myself for so much of the time and so much of the day and it does get a lot because it’s a big business. I mean, I started this back in 2016. Last month was my 10 year blogging anniversary, which is super exciting. So I started my blogging in 2013, June, June the 13th, I think 2013. Never in a million years thought it would turn into the business that I have now.

But things have grown. They’ve grown really. Kind of steadily, but now I’m at the point where it’s too much for me to handle and for me to be able to sustain the business and to grow it. And it is a big business. I would bring in multiple six figures a year. I have thousands and thousands of amazing students, and I just want to be able to create the best experience possible for everyone.

And when I’m being stretched, then it means that I can’t do the things that I want to do to support people in even bigger ways. So, I’m so excited that Aisha’s joined because she’s so customer focused. She’s so community focused. She has amazing ideas and I can’t wait to introduce you to her more soon.

So that’s exciting. Did I mention the insomnia though? So I’ve had insomnia all, all my life really for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried so many different things to help with it and it kind of goes in stages. So there’ll be phases where it isn’t an issue whatsoever. And then there’ll be phases where it’s pretty bad and everything in between.

But I feel like I’ve been in this not good phase for a really long time now. So I think I’ve done everything. I’ve seen my GP. I, I’ve taken melatonin. I’ve taken sleeping tablets. I don’t want to take sleeping tablets ever again. I just don’t like that groggy feeling the next day. Even melatonin. I know it isn’t supposed to, but it does make me feel groggy.

What else have I tried? I’ve got sleep, orange lens, sleep glasses, nightglasses, which really help. I’ve tried meditations. All of these things definitely help, but they’re just not like a cure. What else? Hypnosis. Change my pillow 50 million times, weight in the blanket. Oh gosh. All of that, like cold, warm, all, all the things, all the things, always happy for new suggestions.

I feel like I’ve tried everything. More than I’ve mentioned there, but I am in a phase right now of just not sleeping very well. So I think that, and it isn’t always because I’ve got something on my mind either, like my mind can race with nothing. Do you ever feel that? Like your mind is racing and you can’t switch it off, but it isn’t racing about anything in particular.

I mean, life has been really difficult this, this year since losing my brother at the year. And a few other things have happened, for sure. And those things are definitely on my mind. Even when those things are not on my mind though, it seems like it’s an issue. So anyway, still investigating a way to, to try and help it.

It’s something that I don’t want to just live with. You know, I’m tired. I want to feel good. What ends up happening is I’ll get so tired that I’ll end up being like, right. F this, I’ll take a melatonin at like six o’clock and I’ll go to bed at like, before the kids go to bed. I’ve got such a supportive husband and then I’ll just sleep.

So even though I’ll wake up loads during the night, at least overall I’ll get enough sleep though. When I wake up in the morning I feel pretty good. And I know that that isn’t ideal because it isn’t really creating like a consistent sleep routine, but it gets to the point where I feel like I can’t function otherwise.

So that isn’t a long term solution. And, because, because of the braces, I’m waking up a lot with like, what the hell is going on in my mouth right now? But, anyway, anyway, that aside, life has been really good lately. I’m really enjoying life. I’m enjoying the kids getting older. They’re now eight and ten.

We just had the school holidays and they’re back at school. Which, they love school, thankfully. And touching wood that it stays that way, and I mean, I love the quiet time at home for sure. It isn’t as quiet now. I’ll whisper because he’s in the next room, but my husband started working for my business in March, as many of you know, and I don’t have the house to myself as much now.

I find that a bit annoying. I do. I really enjoy peace and quiet. I enjoy alone time. I really used to enjoy it, but I do enjoy the benefits of having it, having him at home too. So it is a good decision. But he’s been out this morning, so I had like a little bit of time to myself, which was awesome. I mean, I could record this, which is even better.

So yay. What else am I looking forward to? Oh, hang on. Let’s look at the note. Oh, I know what I wanted to tell you about. So. What are we on? July. Next month, it’s the Osmond Preneur Awards. So for those of you who don’t know, they are the biggest awards, ceremony and conference for mothers in business.

And I just love them. I actually won seven Osmond Preneur Awards myself over the years. From the first one I won was back in 2018. And oh my goodness, I am so different to the woman I was then and my business is totally just grown so much since then too, but it was just the most uplifting experience. I loved every second of the conference, the people I met, the amazing women I met, the amazing women who run, Osmond Preneur II and the Women’s Business School.

And this year I had the pleasure again of judging some of the awards, which was just such a phenomenal experience. The, the women who came were so inspiring. Like I left just feeling so excited for them and so inspired for me. You know, when you’re in the company of such phenomenal people. So I’m really looking forward to going to the conference in August.

Let me know if you’re going. And to, seeing who the winners are for all of the awards. It’s so, it’s going to be so fun to go and support everybody else this year. And I’m also running a masterclass at the VIP event too. So again, if you go into that, let me know. I’m so looking forward to it. I’m going to, I think, be talking about digital products again.

So selling digital products online. If you have any questions, like if there were any burning questions that you have about selling, creating or selling digital products, finding customers, promotion, advertising, if you look at my business and think how on earth has she created that out of stickers, you’ve got questions, ask away because, I’m pretty much an open book on many things and I will share absolutely what I can because I, if I can help you fast track your success, I want to do that for sure.

I, I was lucky enough to have some great advice along the way, but in the beginning, I wasn’t brave enough to put my hand up and ask questions. And I wish I had been rather than kind of struggle myself behind the scenes. It didn’t, it didn’t need to be as hard as I think I made it by trying to do so much alone.

So if you have any questions about. Creating or selling digital products, anything online, it could be, courses, stickers, printables. Ebooks, memberships, like, I’ve pretty much done it all. I’ve done it all, and done it all well, you know. Mim of all trades, I was joking with a friend about yesterday.

Anyway, ask away, because I am putting together the class for the awards, and if it’s something I think that you will benefit from, maybe, there might be an opportunity for me to share it with you later in some way. So shout out and let me know. Right, me and my braces and my elastics. Off now. And so, I hope you’ve enjoyed the update.

I have, sat down yesterday with my amazing friend Hayley at Therapists Rising. And she’s an online business buddy and she’s just become such a close friend of mine too. And we have put together, for each of our businesses, a content plan for the year. I’ve never been so organised in my life. Anyway, I’ve got some cracking, episodes.

videos, blog posts, things to share with you in the next 12 months. I’m so excited to do so. So I haven’t finalized it. Again, if there’s anything else that you want to particularly know, any burning questions, ask away, like now is the time to ask. So make sure that you do and I’ll see you next time. So you take care.

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