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TPP #66 – 10 Steps to a Successful Sticker Shop

Welcome to Episode #66 of The Planner Podcast.

I’m sharing the journey of how I started my successful sticker shop and how I’ve now helped over 10,000 people all around the world to make stickers they’re proud of!

PLUS, ten steps that you can start to take for sticker shop success too.


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Hi, this is Mim Jenkinson and you’re listening to The Planner Podcast.

This episode is sponsored by my free masterclass on creating stickers that sell. If you’re looking to start a creative side hustle from home and wondering if you can be successful in making and selling stickers, this is for you. If you’re worried that the market is oversaturated or how you can make stickers that stand out, this class has you covered.

Hi lovely and welcome back. I’m excited to share this because I haven’t done an updated kind of journey or story of how I got started with my planner sticker business from home in such a long time so we’re going to do that today and I think you’re gonna find this really interesting either if you are a Um, interested in starting your own sticker shop, or online business from home, or if you just have an entrepreneurial flair, and maybe like me, you always knew that you wanted to have your own business, but maybe you didn’t know what it was going to be.

I mean, I don’t want to skip to the finish line, but I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have a business of this size, but a business all about stickers. I just, I could not have… guessed that this would be the journey that I would have had and the place that I would be in now in a million years would not have guessed it.

I’ve definitely had some kind of stumbling blocks and mistakes and different, oh so many mindset issues, just things along the way that have kind of threatened the success of it. A lot of it to do with self sabotage honestly. And I’m so very grateful to be where I am now. I definitely don’t feel like I’m at the end of the journey.

There’s still so much that I want to do, so many avenues that I want to pursue. But I thought I would give you a little bit of, um, a synopsis, like a little story about how I went from just enjoying using stickers and to now having a really thriving and profitable business. All about stickers all from home.

It’s just blows my mind to still even talk about it now Um, but if you’re thinking about doing this yourself, you’re going to find it interesting And like I say, even if you want your own online business, or maybe you already have one Maybe you’re already selling digital products or something else online I hope that this might give you a little bit of inspiration either for your business or to just take some time to really celebrate your own Success and the things that you’ve achieved and the things that you’ve overcome too.

So are you ready? I’m going to get started now. I want to share this with you. So let’s get going So i’m going to share with you a really um short as I can manage it Overview of how I got started and then I have 10 steps for you for if you want to either start your own sticker shop business too, or maybe you can apply some of these to The the sector or the area that you’re into.

So let me get started with how how things went for me. So I’ve always, always loved stickers. I mean, haven’t we all? When you think back to when you were a kid, or maybe you’re a parent now, like when you think back to um, the kids in your life, or being a kid yourself, like the joy, the pure joy of a new sticker sheet or a sticker book.

Oh, I loved sticker books when I was a kid so, so very much. So much. Um, and, and my kids did too. And even if you would like plow through those stickers in just a few minutes, or if you would… Take your time to decide which stickers you are going to use and where you are going to place them. If you’re my kids, all over your walls, all over the furniture, ooh.

Then you’ll know what I mean about the joy. I just didn’t expect it to continue into adult life, and it really didn’t. Like, for a long time I didn’t use stickers at all, apart from with my kids when we were going through sticker books. But for those of you who don’t know, so back in the end of 2015, um, just when I thought that…

You know, I was kind of basically ready to settle down with like my husband. I’d been married for a while. I had my two kids. My family was complete. We’d moved back to Australia from the UK where you can probably tell I’m from originally. And we were looking for our forever home. I had a great new job that I’d been in for a couple of weeks.

Everything was, like it was going so very well. And then to cut a very long story short, I was diagnosed with a really, um, rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. So. As you can imagine, our life just was turned upside down. It just came from nowhere. Nowhere. Apart from a lump, no symptoms, no warning, no telltale signs.

Just came from nowhere and it completely threw us, as I’m sure you can imagine. We went from feeling like we were at the point where we were looking at all of these forever plans to all of a sudden, um, what if there is no forever? Like what if this is it? And I’m not going to go down the path of all the kind of the dark and the hard things that I went through.

Um, I have shared them in, in other ways and you, you can always reach out and ask me questions. But just to skip ahead, I went and obviously I’m here. Everything is good. I can reassure you that my health is very good. So that was back in the, at the end of 2015 and now it’s the middle of 2023. I’m touching the wood of my desk now.

Everything is, is really well and I’m very healthy and happy. But what happened was I had to leave that job and I was at home. I have my two kids. My husband couldn’t work because he was looking after the three of us. And apart from all of the very many appointments I had, sometimes daily appointments for chemo and radiation, I just needed something to take my mind off it all.

There was so much stress, there were so many things that were obviously getting me down, were making me feel bad, and I really wanted something just for me. So I’ve always loved using a planner, a paper planner particularly. Always surrounded by a stack of paper notebooks and I just got myself a brand new Erin Condren planner and I still use them to this day.

I just love the vertical life planners. If you want a recommendation and you’re a list maker like me, check out the Erin Condren vertical life planners. Um, and I’ve started to use stickers because I’ve seen other people online using stickers to decorate their planner. Um, and to organize the planner too.

It wasn’t just for pure deco and at first I thought that is so weird What a waste and what a weird thing to do when you’re just going to write all over them Anyway, isn’t it a bit childish like all of these dodgy thoughts totally came up, but I thought gosh It’s really mesmerizing though to watch people choose their stickers choose a theme um place their stickers in their planner to talk about them like I used to watch so many planning videos on youtube and I was absolutely hooked, so hooked.

So started using them myself and then when I was looking for this project or hobby or something else to do, the first thing that came into my mind was, I just want to find out how they’re doing it. Like, how are they making stickers and can I teach myself to make them too? Because I wanted something to do, like I say, and I’d always been creative but I think I just lost that real creative flair, like throughout my corporate career.

There were some opportunities to be creative, but not, not a great deal and, um, I hadn’t questioned that. I just hadn’t had any kind of creative outlet at all. So, got myself a cutting machine, already had a laptop, um, worked out the design software that I was going to learn, um, the one that I learned first of all was Silhouette Studio, later on I also went to learn Cricut Design Space, and now I use both of those two to make stickers.

So, got myself a cutting machine. Got myself some sticker paper, really crap sticker paper, but I just needed something. Um, got myself a little printer from the local office stationery shop, um, probably the cheapest one, I think it was the cheapest one from a brand that I trusted. I still have that printer right now, so funny.

Um, and taught myself, went about teaching myself how to make stickers. So, there were so many hurdles, I, I went to YouTube University, oh my goodness, the, I mean, There’s so many videos on YouTube, clearly, like, such a wealth of information and tutorials and guidance when it comes to anything, certainly making stickers too.

But some of these tutorials were so out of date, like, the version of their software was nothing like the one I had. Um, they were, like, really long. I remember most of the ones that I was looking at were, like, 40, 45. Sometimes they’re an hour long and I just wanted, like, really quick answers. Like, how do I add an offset?

How do I stop this happening? Why isn’t my machine cutting the right way? Like, just all of the things and I couldn’t get the right answers. So it took me a little bit longer than I hoped but I did use that time to teach myself how to make stickers and then I decided, you know, While I’m, while I’m making them for myself, why don’t I list them on Etsy?

I hadn’t had an Etsy shop before, but I knew, um, the steps to kind of set it up were not too difficult. So I was like, why don’t I just sell them on Etsy and see what happens? So I did that and I, I already had a blog at the time. I’ve been blogging since 2013. No one that I knew of in my audience was interested in stickers or anything to do with that.

So I was starting from scratch to build prospective customers, but at the same time, I kind of knew what to do. Like, although I didn’t know what to do particularly when it came to selling stickers at that point, I did know how to set up, um, an email list to, um, list products online. I knew about SEO. I knew about blogging and content.

I knew about social media. Like, I knew about marketing and promotion. So there was a lot that I knew, it was just putting it together in this new venture, so because I could combine all of that knowledge, I did start to make sales really quickly, despite there being a lot of people online selling stickers, but I made some sales and that just kept me really motivated to keep going.

So I started to really think about this as being a kind of a side hustle, a part time business, and a way to not only take my mind off what was happening in my life, but also maybe to pay off some of those medical bills too, because wow, they really piled up so quickly, and we just went through all of our savings so, so fast, to the point where we had nothing.

In fact, my parents moved in with us to take care of us in every way, financially, with the kids, look after me, support my husband in all ways, so… What, you know, fantastic to actually have my parents, and it was such an amazing help. But at the same time, I wanted to be able to contribute to at the times where I felt like my health permitted me to.

So things really took off and my, my little shop turned into a, you know, a slightly bigger shop and then a slightly bigger one and things kind of went on from there. Um, I also started selling stickers on my own website too. So, and I do that now. So not just on Etsy. Um, But really enjoyed the process of coming up with new ideas for stickers of, of designing them, printing them, posting them to customers all over the world.

And I did that for a couple of years, but then I moved on to selling printable stickers. But even in the early days, I was still getting, like I was getting questions of, how are you doing it? You know, all the questions that I had in the beginning. How, what, Where are you getting your sticker paper from? How do I start a sticker shop?

What software are you using? How are you individually cutting the stickers out? Like, I didn’t even know what that meant then. Like, how are you doing this? And I just wanted to share the things that I knew but. Rather than just sharing the answers to the same questions over and over and over again, I thought I would put together an online course to be able to teach people in a really fast way, because I didn’t want people to have to waste all the time that I did in the beginning, in a way that they’d just get the answers they needed and focus only on those things, you know?

Not watching endless videos that went on for an hour when you just wanted a quick How do I make this particular sticker or whatever the question was and I’d already had this experience in corporate that included Training and online learning and instructional design So I felt really equipped to be able to teach this from every perspective, you know, I taught myself I had this background in training.

I was having success selling stickers and Um, and it’s just a desire to be able to help people. So put together an online course and then really lost my bottle. Just like went back. I remember going back over this online course over and over again, adding more to it, perfecting it, you know, it. Not wanting to put it out there until it was absolutely amazing and perfect.

And I think I laboured over it for a lot longer than I needed to. But when I was finally in a position where I was happy with it, I put it out there to the universe and said, you know, if you want to learn to make planner stickers or stickers, then I’m your girl. Come and, you know, take my course and see what you think.

So a bunch of people jumped on the course and the feedback was so good, so positive. People were just… So, so relieved to finally get the answers. They had all the questions that I had had as a beginner and so many more. And before I knew it, they were sharing the stickers they were making. They were saying, thank you.

They were spreading the love to all of their friends. And it just really fueled my passion for helping more and more people to be able to do what I had done and take the steps to be able to make these. perfect stickers from scratch that they were super duper proud of. And that really fueled me to keep going.

And then more questions started coming in. So it moved from, you know, them wanting to know how to make stickers, because the course helped them with that, to could they also sell them, they asked how do I start an Etsy sticker shop empire too, as I had done. And I wanted to help them take that next step too, because having.

Being in a position where we really needed help financially and needed to be able to find a way to earn money from home, but also to do that in a way that, like I said before, like I could do that around my physical and honestly, mental health challenges. Um, I could scale it up. I could scale it back if I needed to.

And they have the same, you know, different reasons, but the same, sorry, different circumstances, but the same reasons for wanting to do the same thing. So. I, the next stage happened so I made the course bigger and better, um, and ended up with two courses. So one to teach people how to make stickers and then another more, much more robust program to also help them kind of really put together their sticker shop dreams and goals and really lead them.

Pretty much taking them by the hand and leading them through the whole path from going to coming up with sticker designs, the stickers that people actually want to buy, to designing the stickers, designing if they wanted to make printed ones or printable ones, um, and then setting up on, um, on Etsy or on their own website to sell their stickers.

But again, just coming back to the ones, the ones that had a chance of selling and really setting up a shop from profit from day one as well. You know, everyone can start an online sticker shop on Etsy. You can start an Etsy shop in about 10 minutes, but will you be listing products that people want? Well, who knows it with a bit of luck?

Yes, but it takes a lot more than that for most of us. Um, and then also we can all sell stickers to people who want the stickers, but are we pricing them correctly? Are we, um, using equipment or coming up with a sticker making and selling plan and Blueprint that is going to focus on profits. So essentially at the end of the month are we making more From the stickers that we’ve sold and the costs or the time it’s taken us to actually make them So that was the goal for me just being able to again help people who really wanted to start this creative sticker selling side hustle so many s’s from home and again things took off so Since then and that was back Like I say I started my shop back at the well, it was the start of 2016 when I first started selling my stickers so Quite a while ago now, and this has become my full time thing.

Using stickers, making stickers, teaching others to make them and sell them, and use them too. My whole world now, business wise, revolves around stickers, with the occasional online business client too. But things really took off, and now, like I say, middle of 2023, I’ve now taught over 10, 000 people. 10, 000?

Plus, people all around the world to make their own stickers from scratch. And this is just something that I never would have thought possible. I, when I get emails, when I see in my student groups, the stickers people’s, people are making is one thing that lights me up. But you know what lights me up even more than that?

Just the pure joy or the pure pride that it brings them to know that they’ve done this. That they’re now happy to share the stickers that they’re making with others. Whether they’re selling them or sharing them as gifts, they’re happy to. Take pictures of their planner or their home organization or wherever they’re putting their stickers on and sharing it with the world because they’re really making stickers that they’re super proud of and they’re experiencing so much joy just like I did.

And then I experience all the joy all over again when I see their joy . So it really is a joyful business. Um, it hasn’t been without its hiccups and challenges for sure. It hasn’t always been easy. You know, it certainly wasn’t the case that. I decided to launch a sticker shop and then overnight they all sold like, no, there was a lot of work that went into it and it’s part of the reason why I just want to help people fast track their success now, um, and make a decision like I have a free class that I will link to in the show notes, which is all about discovering the stickers that sell and through that free class.

By the end of it, I think you’re going to be really inspired to know if sticker making is for you, or if it isn’t. And if it is, how to come up with ideas for stickers that you feel passionate about because they truly help people too. So they have a fighting chance then of standing out and people actually wanting to buy them and share them with all their friends and keep coming back to buy your other stickers over and over again.

That’s the goal, so I am going to link that class below in the show notes. But my journey has just been So very fun in so many ways and I really can’t tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to have started this journey in the beginning and to continue it and to be able to support such amazingly creative, motivated, inspiring people all over the world.

Way, way more than I thought I would. So, that has been my journey in a nutshell. I have so many plans for the future for the business. I am finally growing. I’m hiring. I’m looking for more people to help me in all of the different aspects of sticker making, sticker making and selling my courses, my membership, just so many things.

And I’m really excited to see where the business is in just even in the next 12 months for sure. But if any of you have been inspired by anything that I’ve said so far, I’ve got some tips that I want to share with you on how you can actually get started. So, I’ve made a little post it note of them, and I am going to share in the show notes more about them in more detail too, so you can really check that out as a guide to get started.

And again, I think by the end of this, you’ll just have a really strong idea of, you know what, I’m really excited this is for me, and you can dive in and take it further. Or maybe you’ll decide that it’s inspired you to do something different, you know, because I think that once we start thinking creatively, it can spark so many other ideas too.

And that’s where we’re going to start with the first step that I want you to take when it comes to starting your own sticker business startup is A really simple step, a blank piece of paper, an open page on your, on a notebook, and just really brainstorming and getting creative. So it can be thinking about things like the kinds of stickers that you want to make, or maybe the niche that you want to focus your stickers within, or maybe it’s some ideas of the stickers that you’ve already been using yourself, but you think you can change them in some way to make them even more helpful to people.

And I get so inspired from making different stickers. Whether it’s planner stickers or something else, I literally walk around my life every day of, I wonder whether I could use a sticker for that. Or when I see other people wanting to do something or wanting to achieve something, I think, you know, if they had a sticker for that, I think that would make their life, life a lot easier.

So. Get inspiration and really brainstorm as many ideas as possible when it comes to your everyday life, the people in your life, outside nature, art, your surroundings, where you work, the roles and the jobs that you’ve had in the past. Just really think about the ones that you’re particularly passionate about, especially the ones, like I say, that you think would really make someone’s life better or funner or help them in some way.

So really, this is a brainstorm. No, you can’t do this the wrong way. Whether it’s writing or doodling, just take some time, even if it’s like a 10 minute just sprint, take some time to get down as many ideas as possible. So the next step with this is taking that brainstorm and then starting to narrow it down.

So step two would be really thinking about, and you already will have done this in many ways, but now really nailing down Who you want to help with those stickers. Is it someone that you have in your mind, like a clear kind of person or particular person that you want to help? Maybe it’s work from home mums, or maybe it’s university students who are studying for an exam.

You know, it could, like, maybe it’s a, a health worker, it could literally be. Anyone, when you think about your target buyer, who might that be? Cause now it’s a really good time to look at all of the ideas that you came up with when you were brainstorming and then narrow them down into a specific niche or a specific target buyer.

And that’s when you can start to take that and just narrow it down to something that you’re really, you’re really passionate about, but also again, coming back to the same thing, coming up with ideas for stickers that really help people and help specific people. Okay, step three is to gather the tools. So if you want my tool guide, which where I share all of my recommendations on the sticker making and design and printing and cutting tools and equipment that I love, then you can go to mimjenkinson.

com slash kit K I T for my sticker making starter kit. And I’ve put in there the everything that I’m using, like the software, the, um, where I get my design resources from the printer, the sticker paper. All the things I can think of that are going to help you, and I know that you’ll look at that list and think, um, maybe you’ve already got some of them, or, oh, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought, or, oh, I’m not going to have to spend thousands of dollars on this because you really are not.

And if you are budget focused and conscious, then there are some things in there that either you’ve already got, or there’ll be things that you can actually buy pre loved too. So, we all know someone with a cutting machine gathering dust on their shelf. You put a shout out on Facebook to ask if anyone is selling their cutting machine, I’m sure you will have at least one person say me or I know someone who probably is and they’ll tag them Um, it’s actually my mission to rescue all of the dust gathering Cutting machines from shelves and encouraging people to make stickers But maybe you can scoop one of those up before I gather before I speak to that person So gathering the tools is next and make sure you head to mimjenkinson.

com slash kit to see of the tools that I recommend So the next step, step four, is to start designing those beautiful helpful stickers and it could be designing them on paper first if you want to or it could be heading straight to the software to be able to start designing in there. So of course, as you know, I have courses, I have ebooks, um, and I have a membership teaching people how to make stickers from scratch.

I’m going to link them below and you can, you can check out the range of different courses I have. They suit all budgets and all stages here. Literally be making, printing and cutting your stickers by the end of the day, then you can take one of those. Or if you’re ready to leap into the world of your own sticker shop, then you can look at my, um, signature course, the sticker shop plan too.

So that’s the next step. It’s actually starting to design stickers. And then step five is to think about selling them. So it’s establishing that online presence for where you’re going to sell your stickers. So Etsy is my go to, um, the Etsy platform I love. There are customers, many, many, many customers coming to Etsy every single day for the sole purpose of buying stickers.

That’s why they’re there. They’re not there just to browse, they’re there to purchase. And we want to be able to draw those potential customers in. So Etsy is always my go to platform for anyone who is starting their own sticker business. Now, if you already have your own website, you can absolutely let’s just.

Stickers on there too, as long as you’re doing something to drive traffic there. So definitely utilizing SEO. Maybe you already have an email list of people who would be interested. Maybe you already have a social media channel of people who would be interested who you can guide them to your website, but it’s just step five is really coming up with the platform that you’re going to sell a stickers on.

The next step, number six, is choosing how you’re going to deliver the cut the stickers to your customers and delight them. So we want our customers to be singing, singing about our stickers from the rooftops, whether they’re printed stickers that you post to them or whether they’re printable stickers so they print and cut them themselves at home.

So in my course, The Sticker Shop Plan, I teach both of those too, so you can pick and choose or do both. But we want them to be delighted. Don’t want them to wait, wait forever until they receive our stickers. When they get them, we want them to open up the envelope. It’d be a high quality envelope with well looked after stickers inside.

We want them to be delighted with their happy mail. So the first thing that they want to do maybe before or after they start using the stickers is share them maybe on social media or with their friends too, or leave us a five star review. So we want to focus on how we can make packing and posting our stickers a really great and still a profit focused way for our shop, but also just make sure that when our customers receive them, they’re in really, really good condition and they’re not waiting too long.

And step seven is actually a step that we’ll be doing Along every single step really, this never ends and it’s marketing and promotion. So I always recommend always marketing, always finding ways and new ways to be able to get your stickers in front of new people. You know, what we don’t necessarily want to do is create a huge range of completed stickers and then only at that point start marketing them and promoting them.

You really can promote as you go. So it could be sharing some behind the scenes on your social media channel of how you’re designing the stickers, or it could be doing some market research and speaking to people about the stickers that you’re going to create just for people like them, and that’s a way to already be marketing them before you’ve even made them.

You know, we really want to be focused on how can we constantly be thinking about finding potential customers. And when we’re finding those potential customers, what is the best way for you to nurture relationships with them, to, um, you know, encourage them to check out your stickers, To encourage sales if you think that the stickers that you are designing are going to help them and of course then encourage them to Keep on shopping with you time and time again So always be thinking of how you can market and promote your stickers And come up with some really creative ways that you can do that too.

Marketing doesn’t need to be Hard it doesn’t need to be boring and it doesn’t need to be something that you dread doing, make it fun, make it something that you enjoy. I mean, connecting with potential customers, building relationships with people who you know you can help. To me, that’s one of the most fun things that we can actually do in business.

So find a way to make it fun. Number eight is going to be making sure that you’re providing five star customer service to every customer and to every potential customer. We want to delight them at every turn. We just really want to be building a loyal customer base and earning positive reviews and positive feedback at every single stage.

And this is a really great way that you can set yourself apart from others who are selling stickers. So, for example, making sure that you delight customers with your products, having a swift delivery time. As I said before, making sure that when the stickers arrive, they’re in pristine condition. It might be that you include a thank you note or some bonus stickers in there to thank them for that order or a discount code to encourage them to come back again.

Perhaps if they reach out to you with questions about your stickers, you’re really, really helpful. And you get back to them as soon as you’re able to. And if there’s an issue with the stickers in any way, handling those, any complaints or any negative feedback with grace to just with the aim of delighting the customer and getting them a really quick resolution and constantly be thinking of how you can continually approve too.

So make sure that that five star customer service is in the forefront of your mind with every interaction you have with. Customers or potential customers. Now, step number nine is all about scaling. So when you’ve actually started a sticker shop, when the business is going well, you’re making sales and you’ve gained momentum, it’s then potentially looking at how you can build up on things.

So maybe that’s increasing the number of collections you have. Maybe it’s increasing the range within a collection. Perhaps it’s help getting some help so that you can make even more stickers. So maybe it’s delegating some tasks to somebody else, or maybe a small team, or maybe it’s finding people who can help you spread the word.

Like perhaps it’s a PR team, finding ways that you can continue to look at what’s already working in your business and do more of that, and then looking for new ways, like I said before, that you can get in front of potential customers who might be interested in your stickers. So. Step nine is all about scaling and then step 10 is enjoying the journey.

So I told you before just how much this journey has surprised me but also just delighted me at every stage, even during the times when it’s been difficult, whether it’s been difficult business wise or health wise or mental health wise. Just enjoy, enjoying every single stage and having, having the mindset of constantly being, you know, just open to testing, doing something new, celebrating your success, even those teeny tiny successes like coming up with your first sticker idea or just designing your completed sticker.

Finally being able to print and cut a sticker to perfection, or your version of perfection, because we all know that perfection is a bit of an illusion. Maybe it’s listing your first sticker or making that very first sale, making the 100th sale. Celebrate every single step and enjoy the whole journey.

Maybe it’s connecting with other people too, there are so many amazing people. and creative entrepreneurs in this space. So make sure that you’re part of a community where people support each other. I struggled in the beginning with getting support, although I had some really helpful friends who did help me.

But now I just am so proud to have created a, in my membership, a community of people who just take so much joy in helping each other. You know, there are so many questions we have in the early days or even along the way with our sticker making and selling journey when things, sometimes things just don’t go right or Google is not helpful or our printer or cutting machine isn’t playing the game and working with us or maybe we’re feeling frustrated or need new ideas or maybe we just want some feedback on our new shop name or new collection and it can be really hard to get that when either you don’t know people who are in this space or you’re in one of those big sticker making groups where sometimes people are not particularly helpful. Now there are some amazing groups that I’ve been a part of where people have been super helpful though but there are some whose answer is Um, google it.

No one wants to be told to google anything when you need an answer really quickly or when you need support Um, and I am just really proud to have a community i’m proud of them The way that they show up for each other and support each other. So Make sure that you’re enjoying every stage of this journey.

As I mentioned before, I just had no idea that this would take me to this place now and I’m so very grateful that I’m able to help as many people to start their own sticker making journey but also to support myself and my family too. I mean, I didn’t realize how much I missed getting creative and taking time every week, sometimes every day to be creative.

And even now, when I’m feeling a bit flat or low or something doesn’t feel right, I realize it’s because I haven’t done something creative. And when I go, if I think about Who I was in 2015, before I started this. I’m not 100% sure I would have called myself a creative person at that point. And that’s despite years and years before, especially through all of my schooling, just absolutely loving art, anything creative, design.

I wouldn’t have called myself an artist, but I loved the process. I loved creating, and I’d let that go. I hadn’t realised, but I’d let it go, and I think I’d told myself then, over the years, that It wasn’t for me. I’d see other people creating beautiful things and just think how wonderful that was, but it wasn’t for me.

And it’s taken me quite a while now to call myself a designer and call myself creative and to confidently do that. So I do understand that we don’t all see ourselves that way. But now I really see that everyone has creativity to them. Everyone has the potential to be creative and everyone can experience the joy of it too.

Especially if they use that creative flair to make stickers. I know I’m biased, but I am. Anyway, I mentioned to you that I’m going to share a class with you. So if you want to take my free class now on discovering the stickers that… So if you’re interested in making stickers yourself, head along to lovefrommim.

com slash class and you can go watch that now. It’s on demand, you can watch it right now. And I’ll also make sure to link it and all of these top 10 tips for you today in the show notes. I would love for you to let me know, are you interested in making stickers? If you are, then you can also just send me a DM.

Even if you send me a DM saying stickers at paper planner club on Instagram, I will reply and we can take our sticker making conversation from there. I hope you’ve enjoyed finding a little bit more out about my journey today and I hope you feel super inspired to think about stickers as a potential creative outlet for you too and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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