What is the Best Day of the Week to Plan + Free Weekly Planner

Those who know me know how much I love to plan. Strike that, I’m obsessed with planning ahead! But what is the best day of the week to plan? Let me help you find out!

I’ve been planning for years in different ways and in the past couple of years, I’ve really found a system to plan my day and week that works well for me.

It ensures I stay organised, stress-free and motivated when it comes to my personal, work and family life.

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1. When you are the least busy

It makes sense that when you’re planning your week ahead, you need to do so when you’re not too busy to focus. Of course the reason you’re planning is to become more organised but you need to start somewhere.

Is there a time in the week when you’re on your own, it’s quiet and you can really concentrate on laying out all of your plans? If you’re a busy mum, that might be a week day before the kids wake up (ha ha!) or after they’ve gone to bed. Find out how to manage time for you so you get a few moments to plan ahead.

Saturdays and Sunday work much better for people who work long hours in the week or don’t have any support then.

2. When you are the most relaxed

As well as having a peaceful, uninterrupted time to plan, it’s also wise to make plans when you’re not feeling tired, anxious or stressed. All of these things can cloud your judgment and make you lose focus.

That said, for me planning helps so much with making me feel far more in control of my life and less stressed or anxious. When I wake up each day and see my To Do List already written out, it helps me so much in being productive and calm.

Are you the most motivated and relaxed on a Monday morning when your working week starts perhaps?

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3. When you’re feeling the most creative or inspired

Is there a certain time of day or in the week when you feel really pumped? Perhaps you’re an early bird and your creative juices flow first thing? Or are you a night owl?

Whether you choose to decorate your planner or keep things simple, there’s always room for creativity. When we’re busy, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed about everything we have to do, especially when time is poor. When you’re at your best, you might find creative ways to be more efficient and get things done. Or you might think of ways to inject some fun into the more mundane things you need to do!

4. When you have enough time

If possible, when you’re planning your week ahead, dedicate enough time to do it in one go.

It takes me about twenty minutes to organise and schedule all of my tasks, my daily routine, events and appointments for the following week. Although some of that time is taken up decorating my planner with stickers!

When is my best time to plan?

For me it’s on a Sunday morning. I spend 20 minutes on my own, laying out all of my plans for the following week. I plan a day at a time, including weekends. You can read here how I actually schedule in everything I need to do.

When do you find it the best time to plan? And do you have any tips on how to manage time effectively?

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When do you think is the best day of the week to plan?


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