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Erin Condren A5 Daily LifePlanner Review 2023

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It is with so much excitement that I bring you this Erin Condren A5 Daily LifePlanner review – and I’ve wanted to get my hands on one for while.

Despite being a die-hard weekly planner for many years, I’ve sometimes struggled with the lack of space in weekly planner boxes. Now, this is more of an issue with the size of my handwriting, of course!

But let’s get back to the EC Daily Life Planner. Not to be confused with the Erin Condren Daily Duo LifePlanner, by the way.

When the Flora A5 Daily LifePlanner Ring Agenda hit my doorstep, my planner-loving heart skipped a beat (thanks EC, this gorgeous gift made my day!).

Actually, my heart skipped many beats! Let’s break it down.

Erin Condren Daily LifePlanner A5 Ring Agenda

What is the Erin Condren A5 Daily LifePlanner?

This beautiful, vegan leather ring agenda is designed to help plan your life, be more organized and achieve your goals.

It has the same classic metallic hardware, easy magnetic closure, pen loop and signature designs that you’ll expect from Erin Condren agendas.

This particular beauty is a member of the Flora family – and its subtle and pretty pattern is gorgeous!

Inside the agenda, there are seven interior storage pockets to pop in your checklists, affirmation cards, sticky notes, bookmarks and more.

Erin Condren Daily LifePlanner A5 Ring Agenda

What’s inside the Erin Condren Daily A5 Ring Agenda?

12 monthly of dated daily, monthly and yearly planning pages are included – with a full day to each page.

That means whether or not your handwriting needs help (mine!), there’s a wealth of space for all of your notes, journaling, lists and more.

On the subject of notes – notes pages are also included and you can rearrange any of the pages inside to suit you.

What I love is that as the year goes on, I can remove previous pages that are no longer needed to make the agenda lighted. OR, I can start to add pages for the next year so my plans can continue.

Erin Condren Daily LifePlanner A5 Ring Agenda

Erin Condren Daily LifePlanner A5 Ring Agenda

Features and Sizing

This beautiful Erin Condren agenda features super thick paper that feels soft and beautiful to write on – and exudes the quality that you would expect from the EC brand.

  • Erin Condren Agenda Sizing: Open agenda: 22″ x 9.375″ x .125″ or Closed agenda: 8.25″ x 9.375″ x 1.5″
  • Vegan leather
  • Magnetic flap closure and gold rings
  • 1 pen loop
  • 7 interior pockets
  • Mini months, monthly quotes, notes and productivity pages
  • Dated monthly and daily pages
  • 2 planning sticker sheets
  • 1 perpetual calendar

Pick a Cover!

The LifePlanner A5 Ring Agenda is available with many different covers! As well as the Flora cover, you can choose from Blush, Mid Century Circles, Champagne and Camel.

Erin Condren Daily LifePlanner A5 Ring Agenda

You can also choose from three interior design options as well as purchase extra notes and productivity page inserts.

The accessories range includes stickers (of course!), pens and handy dashboards for habit tracking or weekly planning.

My Thoughts on the Erin Condren A5 Agenda.

I’m excited for January to roll around so I can put this beautiful Flora LifePlanner to work!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve used a ring agenda – in fact, one thing I loathed about them in the past was how tricky they were to open and close. Either that or the rings were too loose and the paper inside fell out.

I have a lot of confidence that this won’t happen with the Erin Condren Agenda so far because the rings seem really secure but smooth and easy to open.

The vegan leather cover is perfect for me – being vegan. I also love how thick and padded it is. In fact, it feels very ‘cushioned’ so I feel good that the pages inside are protected.

I usually keep my planner on the desk rather than take it out and about with me. If you plan to take your agenda out, definitely consider leaving only the pages you need in and taking out the months you don’t. This will make the agenda lighter and smaller for being on the go.

The interior pockets have a lovely amount of stretch to them – this means they also have the possibility to be a little ‘loose’. So be mindful that if you’re going to use those pockets, don’t store the agenda upside down in case they fall out.

With so many of us now working from home, I think this agenda would make a beautiful and thoughtful gift idea for birthdays and Christmas. I love it – I’m excited to start using it!

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I hope you enjoyed reading my Erin Condren A5 Daily LifePlanner review.


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