How to Print Planner Stickers

Want to know how to print your own stickers at home? I have you covered with this quick-start guide on how to print planner stickers!

Maybe you want to make your own planner stickers or print out the printable planner stickers you’ve purchased from Etsy. I print my own stickers as well as the ones I’ve purchased from other shops.

Learning how to print my own stickers saved me so much money as I could then buy printable stickers, rather than just pre-printed ones.

Before printing your stickers, it’s a good idea to do a test print on a regular piece of paper to make sure everything is properly aligned and the stickers are the correct size. This will save you from wasting sticker paper if there are any issues as sticker paper can be expensive.

If you are having trouble getting your stickers to print correctly, try adjusting your printer’s settings. For example, you may need to change the paper size or orientation, or turn off features like “borderless printing.”

If you are using a laser printer, make sure to use laser-compatible sticker paper. Laser printers use heat to transfer the ink, and some types of sticker paper may not be suitable for this process.

I personally use an inkjet printer. If you do, make sure to use inkjet-compatible sticker paper. Inkjet printers use liquid ink, and some types of sticker paper may not be compatible with this process.

Let’s get started with printing your planner stickers!

Print Planner Stickers at Home

To print planner stickers, you will need:

  1. A printer – color and an inkjet or laser
  2. Sticker paper – white matte, glossy or vinyl
  3. A computer or laptop
  4. Your sticker sheet file open and ready!

Here is a step-by-step guide for printing planner stickers:

  1. Open your sticker sheet.
  2. Load your sticker paper into your printer.
  3. Print your stickers by going to File > Print or by pressing Ctrl + P.
  4. Carefully cut out your stickers using a craft knife or scissors or a cutting machine such as a Silhouette or Cricut.
  5. Use your printed and cut stickers!

Sticker Printing Tips:

  • Check your sticker paper and printer are compatible before investing in a bulk order or sticker paper.
  • When you’re sure they’re compatible, you can save money by buying sticker paper in bulk!
  • Use high-quality sticker or label paper for the best results.
  • Save your sticker designs as templates so you can easily print more stickers in the future.

I share the best printer for planner stickers and best sticker paper for planner stickers in my course, The Sticker Plan, here.

I also share the best printer for making stickers as well as tips and mistakes to avoid when diy stickers with sticker paper in this free class:

Free Masterclass - The Sticker Making Mistakes to Avoid
Free Masterclass – The Sticker Making Mistakes to Avoid

I hope this helps you with how to print stickers at home – it’s so fun! Do you have any recommendations for the best printer for printing planner stickers? Comment below!



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