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4 Reasons To Make Your Own Planner Stickers


Making planner stickers is one of my favourite hobbies – in fact, scrap that, it’s my all-time fave!

The joy I get from getting creative and the happiness that comes from creating something personal, from scratch, is endless.

Want to make your own planners stickers? And did you know that if you do learn, there are a heap of benefits of doing it?

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Let’s break down the main reasons, so you can see if making your own stickers is for you!

4 Reasons for Making your own Planner Stickers

1. You’ll save money

Let’s be honest, when you’re knee-deep in planner addiction, the cost can start to add up pretty quickly.


The cost of buying planners, stickers, washi, pens and more can really give your budget a hit and so learning to make your own planner stickers

will really help you keep that cost down.

I teach planner girls just like you how making your own stickers at home will save you money.

This isn’t to say I don’t still buy planner stickers from other shops because I do – however, I buy way less from others now.

I also like to buy, print and cut printable stickers that I’ve bought from other shops too – check out my range of Printable Stickers and Printable Planners here. I now only buy the stickers I really want and the ones that I cannot make myself. Which moves me on to…

2. You’ll waste less

Weekly sticker kits are my weakness and I love filling my whole weekly spread with stickers before planning out my week ahead.

For a long time, I would buy the biggest sticker kits available because I wanted to ensure that those kits had all of the different kinds of stickers I needed to stay organised.

Even when I purchased separate pages though, I would end up wasting so many stickers. The kits either had too many or not enough of the stickers I needed and I would have a drawer piled up with half used sticker sheets that didn’t match each other.

I tried a few times to use up the leftovers but I’m too matchy-matchy for that to have worked! But I really loathed wasting so many.

Being able to create my own sticker sheets means I only create the ones I need and want – and you can do the same.

If you’re a list-maker, you can focus on making checklists and checkboxes. More into cute images? Go crazy on the clipart! You get to choose what stickers you want.

When you’re making your own sticker sheets, you’re in control and you’ll find you’ll waste way less.

Erin Condren LifePlanner
My Erin Condren LifePlanner!

3. You’ll be more creative

Some of us are blessed with skills in design, illustration and animation and some of us are…not!

But when you’re making your own planner stickers, this doesn’t matter as you can play to your strengths and find resources to help with the rest.

You might also uncover some talents in design and drawing that you didn’t even know you had – or that you had forgotten about.

I love to design and find taking the time to sit at my computer and design sticker sheets is pure therapy. I can listen to music and get creative.

Perhaps you own an iPad and can hand draw your own designs and convert them into stickers?

Taking some time to be creative sparks your imagination and imagine you’ll find it as therapeutic as I do.

4. You could start your own business

A common reason for many of us wanting to start our making our own stickers is to sell them.

This could be for a little extra money on the side – selling what we’ve made for ourselves – or going full into creating your own planner sticker shop.

You might choose to sell your stickers on Etsy or to your friends and, whilst it’s a competitive space, there’s always room for one more store!

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