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13 Unexpected Uses for Sorbolene Cream!

Sponsored by Kenkay.

The phrase “less is more” is one I kind of live by. It all started about five years ago when I discovered Marie Kondo and dived in headfirst to the magic of decluttering.

I went through my house like a de-hoarding hurricane and downsized everything from my clothes and kitchenware to that dreaded ‘junk drawer’. Come on, we all have one.

What came next was peace and clarity. Yes, I’d done a great job in tidying up – sparking joy at every stage – but it also acted as a ‘reset’ for things to come.

While I’ve never been tooooooo much of a hoarder, I have gone through periods of my life when shopping has become too much of a thing.

I’ve been a marketer’s dream – snapping up the next shiny object the second it hits the shelves. If ‘pre-sale’ was available, that was even more perfect.

When I decluttered my house, it changed things. I no longer wanted to continue bringing more stuff into the house that wasn’t used and resulted in over-packed and unfunctional storage space.

It also made me really assess the use of new products that I did want to invest in.

Kenkey Sorbolene Cream - Love from Mim

When it comes to skincare, previously one of my biggest over-purchases, I now only look for products that will work for my skin and that I will actually use.

If I can find a product that my kids can also use, or that I can use for multiple purposes, well that makes it a 5-star buy for me.

I want to introduce you to one of these unicorn products I recently discovered: Kenkay Sorbolene cream.

What is Sorbolene cream?

Sorbolene cream is an iconic gentle formulation that can be used to moisturise or cleanse your skin.

It’s suitable from all ages from babies to the elderly and is truly a multi purpose skin product that the whole family can benefit from.

What can Sorbolene be used for?

We’ve been finding out and testing lots of different Sorbolene cream uses!

Sorbolene lotion and cream can be used for a multitude of reasons, and we’ve discovered these Sorbolene uses so far. It can help as a:

Sorbolene Cream Uses

  1. gentle face moisturiser
  2. night time cream
  3. body moisturiser
  4. skin cleanser
  5. body wash
  6. soap replacement
  7. shaving cream
  8. make-up remover
  9. dry skin treatment
  10. anti-aging cream
  11. hand cream
  12. foot cream
  13. after-sun care

Kenkey Sorbolene Cream - Love from Mim

We’ve been using Kenkay Sorbolene cream in the ways above and it’s become my ‘go-to’ for quick, on-the-spot treatments like a dry skin flare-up. I suffer from occasional eczema and find that Sorbolene is effective for me and gentle too.

The skin on my face has changed rapidly in recent years – hello 40s! One day it’s super oily and the next it’s unexpectedly dry. I’ve also noticed more and more fine lines and discolouration too. Isn’t aging so fun?

The relief it provides for this is long-lasting, so I don’t feel the need to continuously apply throughout the day and it seems to work quickly on my eczema patches too.

Kenkay Sorbolene cream ingredients are gentle and the products are fragrance-free.

All products in the Kenkay range can be used for the different uses in my list. If you’re starting with one, these tips might help you choose the most suitable:

Kenkey Sorbolene Cream - Love from Mim

Sorbolene Pure is a multipurpose skincare product with cetomacrogol cream APF and is gentle, hypoallergenic, soap-free and paraben-free.

For added and long-lasting relief for dry skin, Kenkay Sorbolene with 10% Vegetable Glycerin has powerful Sorbolene ingredients for extra hydration to relief dry and scaling skin. Think dry elbows and kids’ knees!

For an extra boost to fight premature aging, Kenkay Sorbolene with Vitamin E is your Sorbolene moisturiser bestie to tackle fine lines on the daily.

Our on-the-go, go-to!

Days out with the kids and weekends away are other occasions when multiuse products come into their own.

We don’t want to cart around endless bottles and products – the kids have enough STUFF that apparently needs to go everywhere we go.

By packing this clever cream, it means we can skip taking extra shower gel, numerous moisturisers and creams that normally overfill my bag.

Has your family tried Sorbolene? It’s a product that surprised me with its many unexpected uses and I’m still open to discovering new ones so let me know if you’ve found new ways to use it!

Click here to find out more about the Kenkay Sorbolene range.

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Here are 13 different ways to use Sorbolene cream for all the family. These multiple sorbolene uses make it a great multipurpose skin care product! #lovefrommim #sorbolene #sorbolenecream #sorbolenelotion #kenkay #skincare #multipurposeskincare

What are your favourite uses for Sorbolene cream?

Sponsored by Kenkay.

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