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49 Things to do with a Notebook + Free Planner

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These 49 things to do with a Notebook will leave you bursting with ways to put your blank notebooks to good use!

There are a few things in life that I can’t get enough of – gift-wise I mean! Whether I’m buying for myself, or being treated by a friend, I’m always over the moon to receive chocolate, candles or a blank page notebook.

Why notebooks?

Well, there are SO many uses for notebooks that make my life happier and more organised.


I always have a notebook to write in on my desk and often take one out about about too.

When I think of an idea or something I need to remember for later, writing in notebook means it won’t be forgotten. And without my planner and my notebooks, pretty much nothing would get done around here!

Erin Condren Notebooks

If you’re looking for blank notebook ideas to make your life more fun, happier or organised, here are my top suggestions for Erin Condren Notebook ideas:

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Sorted by Categories:

49 Ideas for Notebooks


1. A Diary

Secret or not!

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2. Bullet Journal

Get creative and organised at the same time.

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3. Vision Journal

Use images/graphics to set the tone for a project or your year ahead.

4. Memory Journal

Note the significant life events that have shaped you into who you are.

5. Gratitude Journal

Happy and thankful thought lists to help you stay positive. You can find out more about keeping a Gratitude Journal here.

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Looking for blank notebook ideas or empty notebook ideas? Here are 49 things to do with a Notebook - Love from Mim #notebooks #notebookideas #blanknotebook #emptynotebook #stationery #plannergirls #plannerjunkie #organized


6. Goals

Record and map our your life goals and plan on how you’ll achieve them.

7. Morning Pages

Start the day with a brain dump and clear your mind.


8. Organisational Lists

Notebook organization ideas to keep you on track and productive.

9. To Do Lists

Keep a daily To Do list or a list for a specific project and tick off each task you complete.

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Erin Condren Notebook

10. Time Management

Use your notebook as a planner to plan out your day and time-block tasks.

11. Shopping Lists

From groceries and meal planning to party-planning, write down everything you need and take your notebook grocery shopping with you.

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12. Planning a Wedding

Everything from dress ideas to catering, guest lists and budget.

13. Planning for a Baby

Track your TTC journey, To Do and Shopping lists.

Erin Condren Notebooks

14. Baby Milestones

After your baby arrives, record when they do all of their firsts!

15. School

If your child is school aged, your a notebook to track their progress, appointments and important school info.

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16. Health Goals

Write down your plans to become more healthy and set goals.

17. Exercise Planning

Set exercise plans and goals and glue in ‘before and after’ pics.

18. Recipe Book

Store your fave recipes in one place in a recipes list.

19. Habit Tracker

One of my favourite Erin Condren Notebook uses – and you can find out 100 habit tracker ideas here!


20. Doodling

Whether it’s to pass the time or get creative, cute notebook ideas and creative notebook ideas are fun and great therapy!

21. Art

Use your blank notebooks to illustrate and sketch.

Home and Hobbies

22. DIY Projects

DIY notebook ideas include researching and mapping your ideas through to tracking their progress as you DIY!

23. Hobbies

Track your new and exciting hobbies and your progress.

24. Decorating

There are countless notebook decorating ideas with illustrating or using stickers. Check out my range here for planner and notebooks decoration ideas.

25. Dreams

Track your dreams and research their meanings.

26. Hand Lettering/Caligraphy Practice

27. Dried Flowers

Dry our your favourite flowers by pressing them between blank notebook pages.

Erin Condren Notebook

28. Fashion Design Ideas

Sketch out ideas and designs.

29. Interior Design Ideas

Plan our room layouts, list your favourite ideas and stores and shopping lists.

30. Home Renovation Planner/Journal

For renovations that are much more than cosmetic changes, you can use a notebook to plan out the whole project.

31. Reading Lists and Book Reviews

Compile a list of ‘must read’ books and write down your thoughts on the ones you read.

32. Movie Reviews

List the movies you’ve watched, give them a rating and record what you loved and loathed about them.


33. Songwriting

Record your own lyric ideas and plan out new songs.

34. Poems

Record your favourite poems or write your own!

35. Favourite Song Lyrics

Write down the words to your fave songs so you don’t forget them! You could even write why they are so special to you and the date/place you first heard them.

36. Written Music


Erin Condren Notebook

37. Favourite Playlists

Take your playlists off Spotify and keep them in a notebook so you ever lose them!


38. Love Letters to Yourself

Or to a loved one that you might not want to actually send!

39. Positive Affirmations

Record your most positive thoughts and affirmations to build more positivity in your life.

40. Meditation Scripts

41. Inspirational/Motivational Quotes

You can reflect on these when you need a little positive reinforcement.


42. Writing a Book

Plan out ideas, structure and start to write your next (or first!) bestseller, the old-fashioned way.

43. Short Stories

Use your blank notebook to handwrite short stories to read to your children or have them read to you.

44. Blog Post Ideas and Planning

Start an editorial calendar, write blog post ideas lists and plan out your content.


45. Budget Tracker

Plan our yours, or your family’s, budget. You can also grab my free budget planner here.


46. Bucket List

What to achieve some awesome things? List your all-time events and ideas and tick them off as you go.

47. Travel Journal

Store memories and photos from your favourite trips to look back on.


48. Photo Album

Arrange your favourite family photos and record dates and names of who was there plus any special memories.

49. Scrapbook

Transform a blank notebook into a decorated scrapbook!


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Things to do with a Notebook Conclusion

See – the ideas for keeping a notebook are endless!

I use multiple notebooks at any one time – although one of my favourite notebook writing ideas is as a planner.

Every Friday afternoon, I use my planner to plan for the following week. It’s both therapy and essential for staying organised!

You can find out here how to plan your week and there’s a free weekly planner for you to grab there too.

I hope my ideas for a notebook have inspired you with ways to full your blank notebooks!

What are your empty notebook ideas?


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Looking for blank notebook ideas or empty notebook ideas? Here are 49 things to do with a Notebook - Love from Mim #notebooks #notebookideas #blanknotebook #emptynotebook #stationery #plannergirls #plannerjunkie #organized

Originally published on Feb 28th 2019. Do you have any more ideas for things to do with a Notebook? If you lick on a link and make a purchase, I might receive a small commission but this doesn’t affect the price you pay.



  1. / 9:10 pm

    So many ideas! I think that’s one of the things I like about blank notebooks – the endless possibility each one represents. I’ve kept “scribble books” on and off for years, which are a combination of a few of the above, jotting down bits and pieces that might make it into a story, poem, or article one day – e.g. overheard dialogue, character sketches, interesting facts, and so on. Each scribble book ends up forming a somewhat abstract record of where I was at during that time – the things that were important or interesting enough to me that I took time to note them down. :-)

    • / 6:46 pm

      So many possibilities! I love the idea of your scribble books – I think a place to keep all of those random but quirky thoughts and words is perfect :) x

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