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BabyBjorn High Chair Review – Honest Review & How To Use

We were very lucky to do a BabyBjorn High Chair review and share our thoughts on what we think of it.

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You can purchase a BabyBjorn High Chair here in the US, here in Australia and here in the UK.

Our second baby started on solid food when he was 6 months old and so far, it’s going brilliantly! We decided second time around to do Baby Led Weaning again, as we had with our first baby.

So for the last few months, Mini has been joining us at mealtimes and it’s so lovely to sit down and eat dinner together as a family.

BabyBjorn High Chair Review - a compact and easy to set up high chair for your baby. Love from Mim
We chose the white high chair from the BabyBjorn high chairs range!

BabyBjorn High Chair Review

We opted for the BabyBjorn high chair in White but it is also available in a Pink high chair and Light Green as well.

When we took the modern chair out of the box to assemble, the first thing I noticed was how compact and sleek it was.  In fact, I did wonder if it might be too small for Mini who isn’t even the biggest of babies. It’s a compact high chair with plenty of room for comfort.

The Baby Bjorn baby high chair took about 10 minutes to assemble, with very clear and simple instructions – this is essential in our house!

Despite the high chair seat looking small, we popped Mini in (who is almost 10 months old here) and he actually has lots of room.

Where I had thought it looked small, in fact, it’s just streamlined and sleek really.  There isn’t the unnecessary bulkiness that some cheap high chairs have – no fuss at all.

How to Use the BabyBjorn High Chair

The tray is adjustable – you drop it down to pop the baby in, pull the tray up to them and turn a handle so it’s fixed into place.

BabyBjorn High Chair Review - a compact and easy to set up high chair for your baby. Love from Mim

The tray also detaches so as Mini gets bigger and no longer needs the tray, he can instead sit in the baby eating chair but have his food on our main table.  In fact, BabyBjorn recommend that the chair can be used for up to 3 year olds so a perfect toddler high chair too! Our nearly 3 year old sits with us at the table but for families short on space or chairs, this is a great option for babies as they grow into toddlers.

You can purchase a BabyBjorn High Chair here in the US, here in Australia and here in the UK.

Our thoughts

I love the simplicity of the design – it’s a neat, easy to use and easy to clean high chair.  There are no fussy parts where food can get caught.

The tray itself is what keeps the baby in place so there is no need for straps. For me this is a plus as they just get grubby anyway. I’m very confident that Mini is safe an secure once the tray table is fixed into place.

The only slight downside is that the tray itself is not very wide which means a lot of food does end up on the floor but given we are Baby Led Weaning, a lot of food ends up on the floor anyway!

I also prefer a smaller tray because it means the infant high chair doesn’t take up too much room.

I feel very confident with Mini in this baby feeding chair and it’s the best high chair we’ve had so far.  Once he’s sat in it and the tray table is up, he can’t get out so I know he’s ok.  My daughter had a kids high chair where she was able to stand up in it. It always worried me that she might fall out, even when the straps were fastened!

It’s impossible for a baby to stand up in this one because of the tray I think.  The table lock can only be opened by us.

Extra features

We keep the baby portable high chair up all of the time as it is in use so much. If we needed to save space, it also folds down as a great space saver high chair too. Because it folds down so neatly, it makes a great travel high chair.

Mini loves sitting with us at the table at mealtimes and is so happy in this child high chair. It has a big thumbs up from us and is the best baby high chair I know of!

From reading other high chair reviews, this seems to come out really well.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Baby Bjorn High Chair review! You can find out more about the BabyBjorn High Chair here.

You can purchase a BabyBjorn High Chair here in the US, here in Australia and here in the UK.

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Looking for the best baby high chair? In this BabyBjorn High Chair Review I share how this compact high chair for babies is the best baby high chair we have used! Love from Mim

Disclaimer: this honest BabyBjorn High Chair review was in exchange for receiving the product. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



  1. Robyn
    / 11:04 am

    Definitely need to get one of these! The one we have now is a nightmare to clean, this one looks so easy :)

    • / 11:56 am

      It really is Robyn – you won’t regret getting this one :)

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