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How to Use Planner Stickers to Increase Productivity

Aside from pretty-ing up your planner, productivity stickers are also a great idea to help you stay be more organized! Let’s look at how to use planner stickers to increase productivity.

Have you used productivity planner stickers before? I’m pretty obsessed and the use for planner stickers for adults goes beyond how they look.

Why Planner Stickers Help Productivity

If you want to be more productive and maximize your time, perhaps you’ve been struggling because you’re:

Forgetting Things

I don’t know about you but as I get older, my memory just isn’t as sharp as it used to be! I find myself forgetting important tasks more often.

Using productivity planner stickers really helps you to visually prioritize your to-do list and ensure you don’t forget anything critical – it’s easy to see everything you need to remember.

Functional planner stickers by Paper Planner Club

Feeling Unmotivated

Some days, I just don’t feel motivated to get anything done. Especially at certain times of the month or if my mental health is affecting things.

When you use stickers in your planner, you’ll love the sense of accomplishment and progress you see and feel instantly. This also really helps to motivate you to keep going.

Doing Too Much

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with trying to do too many tasks – if my to-do list is starting to get longer, it’s a tell tail sign I’m trying to do too much.

By using a planner with stickers to categorize tasks, such as business, personal, family, and appointments, you can better manage your time and make sure you don’t miss anything.


Ok, so when there are things that I don’t enjoy or find challenging, I can procrastinate – you too?

Using planner stickers helps you to break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones so you have a much greater chance of completing things and more efficiently.

Not Feeling Creative

If you’ve been struggling to come up with new ideas or ways to stay motivated with the ideas you already want to act on, planner stickers are for you! They’re such fun stickers for adults and kids alike.

Using stickers in your planner helps to add a beautiful creative element to your planning routine and process and gives you inspiration for new tasks and projects.

You could even learn how to make your own planner stickers at home!

What are Productivity Planner Stickers?

Planner stickers are used in planners, journals, calendars and scrapbooks and they have so many benefits including:

  • adding color such as a theme
  • making plans look beautiful
  • helping you to be more organized by sectioning your planner
  • getting things done by adding lists
  • reminding you of important events and appointments
  • giving you a creative outlet each week!

So as you can see, they’re not just functional, they’re super fun too!

Use planner stickers to increase productivity
Use planner stickers to increase productivity

You can use productivity planner stickers in all kinds of planners including:

How to Use Planner Stickers to be More Productive

Here are 13 ways that using planner stickers for productivity will help you get more done:

Prioritize your To-Do List

Are you a list maker? I certainly am! You can use planner stickers to mark your most important tasks or appointments for the day or week.

When it comes to being more productive, let’s make your life easy! Using stickers this way to prioritize your lists will help you focus on the most urgent priorities and tasks to ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

Checklist Planner Stickers from Paper Planner Club
Checklist Planner Stickers from Paper Planner Club

Color-code Tasks

You can use different colored planner stickers to represent all of the different types of activities you want to record in your planner.

For example, you can use pink stickers for personal events, green stickers for work-related tasks, blue stickers for health appointments, and red stickers for any important deadlines. These are cool stickers for adults to try!

Set Reminders

I love using planner stickers that have icons, arrows or other symbols to remind me of important appointments and events.

E.g. use a birthday cake sticker to remind you of a friend’s upcoming birthday – or your own!

Reminder Planner Stickers from Paper Planner Club
Reminder Planner Stickers from Paper Planner Club

Eliminate Distractions

If you are someone who struggles with being organized, managing your time and focusing, these journal stickers for adults can be super useful to help you prioritize and follow through with the things you need to get done.

Planner stickers can also be helpful for people with ADHD as they give a visual way to increase focus and keep you engaged with your tasks.

Use stickers in planners to break down bigger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps and track your progress to completing them along the way.

Track your Habits

Struggling to start or stick to a habit?

Try using planner stickers to track your daily, weekly or monthly habits, such as exercise or health goals, drinking water, or self-care events. Or how about reward stickers for adults – give them a try.

Why not make habit tracking fun and easy at the same time!

Weekly Tracker Planner Stickers by Paper Planner Club
Weekly Tracker Planner Stickers by Paper Planner Club

Track your Expenses

Up-level your productivity by tracking your expenses in a fast and fun way! You could have a better chance of staying within your budget too if you use stickers to track your daily or weekly expenses.

E.g. try using a sticker in your planner with a dollar sign to mark the amount of money you spend on groceries each week. Or use a “Pay Day” or “Bill Due” sticker each time it’s upcoming too.

Brainstorm New Ideas

Arrange stickers on notes pates in your planner as a way to create space to brainstorm your ideas and thoughts when they come up.

It’s a fun and creative way to keep these ideas on paper so you can come back to them when you need the inspiration.

Decorate your Goal-Setting

Who said goal-setting and tracking needs to be boring – not me! Try using planner stickers to set and track goals in your planner pages to make them more fun and engaging.

Perhaps you could also add motivational quote planner stickers inspire you even more to reach your goals.

One Big Goal Planner Stickers by Paper Planner Club
One Big Goal Planner Stickers by Paper Planner Club

Create a Gratitude List

I love using planner stickers to track my grateful and thankful thoughts every day – or at least at the end of every week.

It’s such a positive and uplifting experience and helps me feel even more positive and appreciative of the great things I have in my life. Try this too!

Gratitude List Stickers by Paper Planner Club
Gratitude List Stickers by Paper Planner Club

Productivity in the Kitchen

Have you tried using stickers to plan your meals? Meal planning stickers are some of my faves to plant the weeks meals and groceries shopping.

They can help you to eat more healthy and balanced meals as planning ahead can help us make better decisions and speed up time preparing meals.

Track your Progress

If you need help tracking your progress towards your goals and projects, stickers with checkmarks or checkboxes are perfect!

Track your progress towards completing a task or hitting set milestones and make the whole experience more fun and interactive.

Plan your Vacations or Time Off

Planning a trip? Use planner stickers to plan your vacations or even count down the days until it arrives!

While you’re away, maximize the time by scheduling in all of the sightseeing you want to do, trips to make and people to see.

Schedule Self-Care

Last, but certainly not least, you can use planner stickers to schedule self-care time and activities.

This is a really important way to prioritize time spent on your mental and physical well-being. E.g. use stickers for yoga, candles, reading and any self-care activities you love!

Self Care Planner Stickers by Paper Planner Club
Self Care Planner Stickers by Paper Planner Club

Where Can You Purchase Planner Stickers?

I personally sell my own planner stickers in my Etsy shop here and on my website here.

They can also be purchased at planner shops as well as Target, KMart and other big stores. In fact, planner stickers are popular now to the point that they’re sold in stores and online everywhere these days!

So we now know what planner stickers are, where to use them and where to buy them! Let’s look at how they can make you more productive each week.

Mim Jenkinson holding up a planner with planner stickers

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I hope this inspires you to use planner stickers to increase productivity!


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