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How to Make Printable Planner Stickers FREE Guide

If you’re interested in making or using printable planner stickers, you’re in the right place!

First up, why should you think about making your own planner stickers?

Well, using printable stickers for planner decoration and organization is a great way of saving money. The cost of buying pre-made stickers can really stack up and some stickers in kits might get wasted.

Below, I’ll guide you through some basic steps on:

  • how to use printable planner stickers
  • how to make your own planner stickers
  • how to print printable planner stickers
  • how to cut printable planner stickers

Plus, as well as how to print and cut stickers, I have some tips on where to find the best printable planner stickers too!

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Printable Planner Stickers - Watercolour Wash from Paper Planner Club
Printable Planner Stickers – Watercolour Wash Sticker Kit from Paper Planner Club

Let’s start at the beginning:

1. How to Use Planner Stickers

Printable stickers are a great way to both organise and decorate your planner. A weekly or monthly printable planner sticker kit includes stickers you can use to:

There are also many back to school printable planner stickers to log your lessons, homework, study times, exams, terms and school holidays.

Workwise, perhaps your stickers can help you to plan for tracking your projects, To Do list, meetings, phone calls and events.

Can you see how using stickers can really help to organise all aspects of your life?

The great benefit of printable planner stickers is that you only need to print and cut what you need. You will waste less ink, time and money this way – it’s so much more cost effective! I love making my own affordable planner stickers.

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2. How to Make Planner Stickers at Home

I’ve been making Cricut and Silhouette planner stickers for a few years and I design my own stickers using Silhouette Studio and Cricut Design Space.

I started with the free Silhouette software but have also used both the Business and Designer editions. The free version is more than sufficient to make planner stickers.

In the beginning, I had no idea that a sticker maker machine even existed and it baffled me on how people could make and cut them! I thought there must be a magical sticker printer that print stickers and cutter machine to cut them. Then I discovered the Silhouette and later, the Cricut.

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You can buy a Silhouette Portrait online here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

You can buy a Cricut online here, here on Amazon Australiahere in the US and here in the UK.

The Silhouette isn’t a sticker printing machine as such, it’s art and sticker design software to design your own planner stickers and a sticker cutting machine to cut them after they’re printed. It isn’t just sticker maker software, it does SO much more.

3. Designing Stickers

I started by measuring my planner and working out what sizes I wanted my stickers to be, such as:

  • Full boxes
  • Half and quarter boxes
  • Checklists
  • Sidebar stickers
  • Washi

I started out designing with very basic shapes using different colours and the free patterns provided in the software. Then I started experimenting with more complicated sticker designs and got hooked!

Over time, I got much quicker and learned how to create multiple different kinds of stickers very quickly with no stress. I share all of my tips in this course.

Being able to make my own planner sticker range has saved me money and helped me start my own shop, Paper Planner Club and print my own stickers! Buying Erin Condren planner stickers online is expensive – although I still do (I can’t help myself!) and you can see my fave planner sticker stores on Etsy here!

4. Create Reusable Sticker Templates

Once you have created a printable planner sticker template once, you can also reuse it many times.

For example, I have created a basic Weekly Kit template and simply change up the colours and patterns to create a whole new kit!

Next, here are some general tips on how to print your own stickers at home:

5. How to Print Planner Stickers

I don’t know if there’s a best printer for stickers for how to print stickers at home – so many will work just fine. The best printer for sticker printing might depend on if you want to use an Ink Jet or Laser printer. I’ve used an affordable inkjet printer for years when making mine.

If you have found the best printer for printing planner stickers, share in the Comments!

Paper Planner Club I Love You Weekly Kit Sticker Kit
Paper Planner Club I Love You Weekly Kit Sticker Kit

Where to Buy Sticker Paper

Most craft and stationery stores have a great selection of sticker paper, as well as Amazon. I share my unicorn premium matte sticker paper with you in my course! It’s the best sticker paper for planner stickers I have used and has 5 star feedback from my customers.

Sticker printer paper isn’t cheap so if you’re on a tight budget, you can always print your own stickers on blank paper and use glue. It’s time-consuming and a bit messy though! However, it’s one option for how to make stickers without sticker paper.

6. How to Cut Planner Stickers

Most printables kits include paid or free printable planner stickers with cut files, as mentioned above. Some might have specific printable planner stickers for Cricut or Silhouettes but most can be cut with either, or by hand.

This is how you can download printable planner stickers from my Shop and how to cut them with a Silhouette. I send my printables in a Zip file with instructions on how to cut stickers.

After you have unzipped the file, you’ll see it contains the following formats of the printables so you can choose the one you want to use:

  • Planner sticker PDF
  • JPG
  • PNG and Blackout Files
  • FREE Silhouette Studio file showing cut lines

It’s easy to print the bought or free printable planner stickers PDF version and cut the stickers out with scissors however I like to open the Silhouette or Cricut software and print from there. I can then use my Silhouette or Cricut to cut the stickers using the cut file provided from whoever I’ve got the sticker files from.

You can buy a Silhouette Portrait online here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

You can buy a Cricut online here, here on Amazon Australiahere in the US and here in the UK.

Summary of How to Make Printable Planner Stickers

I hope the tips above have helped you learn the basics on how to make your own planner stickers.

Learning how to make your own stickers at home will definitely save you money but it’s also so much fun too. You might unlock a creative side that you didn’t know you had!

Before you invest in any of the equipment above and start learning how to make printable stickers, really think about how often you will print and cut your own stickers. I wouldn’t recommend investing in these unless you plan to use them a lot.


In my How to Make Planner Stickers eCourse, I show you just how to do that! I share all the details I learned on how to make my own stickers in easy-to-follow, bite-sized lessons for you to learn at your own pace.

I’ll show you how to make planner sticker kits to print and cut at home and all of the secrets from the best printer and sticker paper to how to make multiple stickers without the stress! Plus, if you want to learn how to make planner stickers to sell, this is the first place to get started.


Psst – do you want to know how to make stickers to sell on Etsy?

If you’re ready to know how to make your own stickers to sell, you’ll love this! If you’ve already mastered how to make stickers, I can teach you how to get set up on Etsy and sell them online.


You can make your own stickers at home and sell them on Etsy to make some money. However, bear in mind that starting a sticker business is a tough space to break into and you’ll have to find a way to set your store apart from the crowd – I teach this in the course!


Have my tips on how to make homemade stickers or how to print printable stickers inspired you?

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Let me know if you end up making your own printable planner stickers! Originally published on Oct 14th 2018 and updated on April 27th 2020.


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