10 Planner Sticker-Making Ideas for Retired Grandmothers

If there’s one thing I know about the sticker-makers in my community, it’s this: making stickers can be the perfect hobby for grandmothers, parents and children. Sticker-making is a skill that can be learned by all and in this post, I’m going to share why it’s so well suited to grandmothers.

If you’re a retired grandmother, you might have found that you now have more free time to enjoy the hobbies and activities that you never had time for before.

Or perhaps you’re wondering how you can spend some of that free-time now and want to cultivate a brand new, creative hobby. I have you covered (in DIY stickers!).

Sticker making for grandmothers is a fun and creative hobby that you can try even if you’ve never made them before. Whether you would call yourself an artist or you’re just starting out, creating your own stickers can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

In fact, most of the makers in my community would have never called themselves an artist or designer and had no prior experience before they got started.

Let’s dive in to sticker crafts for grandmothers!

What skills do you need to start making planner stickers?

Planner sticker makers come from all walks of life and age groups and can unlease a creative passion hobby for all.

You might be looking to make stickers for yourself, your grandkids, your friends, or even as a side hustle during your retirement years.

Sticker-making is a wonderful hobby for people who enjoy planning and organizing their daily activities, creative people and anyone looking for a new hobby to fill their time that’s enjoyable and fulfilling.

In terms of skills, all of the technical skills can be learned. I love to teach my sticker-making students how to make stickers in Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space and you don’t need any previous experience to take one of my sticker-making courses.

If you have an artistic or creative flare, that’s great BUT it isn’t essential either.

The most important skills include having the desire and patience to learn, basic computer skills and a willingness to try something new.

10 Sticker ideas for grandmothers

Here are ten ideas for the kind of planner stickers that retired grandmothers can make:

1. Garden-themed stickers

If you have a green thumb and love spending time in your garden, you can use your love of plants as inspiration for your sticker designs. Create stickers featuring flowers, vegetables, birds, and other elements of nature.

E.g. you could create a series of stickers featuring different types of flowers, like roses, daisies, and sunflowers, to add a pop of color and nature to your planner pages.

2. Inspirational quotes and messages

Spread positivity and encouragement with stickers featuring inspiring quotes and messages. Whether you prefer uplifting quotes or words of wisdom from your favorite authors, you can use these stickers to brighten up your planner pages.

E.g. you could make stickers featuring quotes from your favorite authors or motivational speakers to encourage and uplift you throughout your day.

3. Memory-keeping stickers

As a retired grandmother, you likely have many fond memories of your family, friends, and life experiences. You can create stickers to commemorate these special moments, such as family photos, milestones, and special events.

E.g. you might make a sticker featuring a photo of your grandkids to add a personal touch to your planner and serve as a reminder of the love and joy they bring to your life.

4. Hobbies and interests

Everyone has different hobbies and interests, and your planner stickers can reflect that. Whether you love to read, knit, cook, or do anything else, you can create stickers that showcase your favorite pastimes.

5. Travel-themed stickers:

If you love to travel, you can create stickers featuring your favorite destinations, landmarks, and modes of transportation. Whether you prefer cityscapes, mountain ranges, or beach scenes, your travel-themed stickers will help you relive your favorite trips every time you open your planner.

6. Health and wellness stickers

Taking care of your health and wellness is important at any age, and your planner stickers can help you keep track of your progress. Create stickers for doctor appointments, exercise routines, diet goals, and other important health-related items.

7. Religious and spiritual stickers

If you have a strong faith and want to incorporate it into your planner, you can create religious and spiritual stickers. Whether you prefer crosses, Bible verses, or other religious symbols, your faith-based stickers will provide you with daily inspiration and comfort.

8. Seasonal and holiday stickers

No matter the time of year, you can add some seasonal flair to your planner with holiday-themed stickers. Create stickers for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other holidays to add some festive fun to your planner pages.

9. Pet-themed stickers

If you’re a pet-lover, you can create stickers featuring your furry friends. Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, or other pets, you can use your pet-themed stickers to pay tribute to the animals that bring joy to your life.

10. Gratitude and affirmations stickers

Finally, you can use your planner stickers to practice gratitude and positivity – these are some of my faves.

You could create stickers featuring positive messages, affirmations, and mantras to remind yourself of what you’re thankful for and to stay focused on your goals.

Making your own planner stickers is a fun and creative hobby that can bring joy and inspiration to your life.

Whether you prefer whimsical garden-themed stickers or uplifting quotes and messages, you’re sure to find a sticker-making project that you love.

How to get started making stickers

Are you ready to get creative and have fun making your own planner stickers?

To get started now, click here to check out my free class on the simple plan for perfect planner stickers … and the mistakes you must avoid!

FREE CLASS: The Simple Plan for Perfect Planner Stickers
FREE CLASS: The Simple Plan for Perfect Planner Stickers

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