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117 Best Bullet Journal Ideas to Start Now + FREE Journal!

If you’re looking for a planner that will keep you organised and give you a creative outlet at the same time, these bullet journal ideas are for you!

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal, or “bujo”, is a planner that is built around your life and totally personalised to you, by you.

It can be as simple as a notebook that you use to journal daily, weekly and monthly. This list of cool bullet journal ideas has ideas for all of these.

What can you use a bullet journal for?

You can choose what things to put in a bullet journal that appeal to you the most. Whether you’re using it as a planner to stay organised or as a journal to document memories and events. It’s totally up to you!

In your bullet journal, you can track your goals, habits and all of your lists in one place. You can use symbols and colour coding in your bujo habit tracker /journal to make your plans personal to you and customise a bullet journal in any way that suits you.

But if you’re stuck on ideas and want to know what to put in a bullet journal, I have you covered with these easy bullet journal ideas.

In this list of 100+ bullet journals ideas, you’ll find ideas for all of your personal, work and family occasions. Whatever you want to track or check off, my 117 ideas for journals has something for you.

I’ve broken down this list of bullet journal list ideas into:

  • Organisation
  • Home
  • Travel
  • Self-Care
  • Events
  • Food
  • Financial
  • Hobbies
  • Business

If you’re using your bujo for all aspects of your life, you’ll find plenty of ideas here. Likewise, if you’re looking for bullet journal lists ideas for just one area, you’ll still find some bullet journal prompts to get started.

Let me know what your favourite ideas for bullet journal pages are? If any are missing from my list, I’ll add them. Comment below with your fave bujo tracker ideas and bujo header ideas.

NOTE: some are clickable with trackers and lists that you can download instantly!

117 Bullet Journaling Ideas to Try!

Organisation Bullet Journal Ideas

1. Goals

2. Future Plans

3. To Do List

4. Daily Tasks

5. Weekly Tasks (get a free Weekly Planner here)

6. Morning Routine

7. Evening Routine (check out these Evening Routine stickers!)

8. Calendar of Events

9. Time Blocked Day

10. Daily Habit Tracker

11. Weekly Habit Tracker

12. Monthly Habit Tracker

13. Productivity Hacks

14. Monthly Review

15. Contacts

16. Addresses

17.Phone Numbers

Home Bullet Journal Ideas

18. Cleaning Schedule

19. Home Projects

20. Garden Projects

21. Password Tracker

22. Warranties

23. To Buy List

24. To Sell List

25. Decluttering Checklists

26. Watering plants

Travel Bullet Journal Ideas

27. Travel Bucket List

28. Holiday Itineraries

29. Packing Lists

Self-Care Bullet Journal Ideas

30. Fave Self-Care Ideas

31. Health & Fitness Goals

32. Weight Tracker

33. Daily Water Tracker (check out these water tracker stickers!)

34. Healthy Habit Tracker

35. Sleep Tracker

36. Gym Program

37. Exercise Classes

38. 10,000 Steps Tracker

39. Yoga Practice

40. Meditation

41. Medication

42. Period Tracker

43. Ovulation Tracker

44. Motivational Quotes

45. Gratitude List

46. Essential Oils

47. Anxiety Tracker

48. Not Smoking Tracker

49. Symptoms

50. Flossing Teeth

51. Walking Pet Tracker

52. Trying to conceive

53. Sex

Events Bullet Journal Ideas

54. Birthdays

55. Anniversaries

56. Gifts to Buy

57. Thank You Notes to Send

58. Birthday Wish List

59. Christmas Wish List

60. Christmas Card List

61. Guest Lists

62. Party Food

63. Party Entertainment

Food Bullet Journal Ideas

64. Groceries To Buy

65. Fave Recipes

66. Meal Planner

67. Local Takeouts

68. Local Restaurants

69. Fave Restaurants

70. Grocery Coupons

71. Pantry Inventory

72. Fridge Inventory

73. Freezer Inventory

74. Alcohol consumption

75. Macros

76. Calories

77. Sugar intake

78. School lunches

Financial Bullet Journal Ideas

79. Income Tracker

80. Expenses Tracker

81. Family Budget

82. Savings Tracker

83. Debt Tracker

84. Bills Tracker

85. No Spend Tracker

Hobby Bullet Journal Ideas

86. Crafts To Do

87. Fave Patterns

88. New Skills

89. Future Reading

90. Fave Books

91. Fave Book Quotes

92. Future Movies

93. Fave Movies

94. Movie Quotes

95. Future TV Shows

96. Fave TV Shows

97. TV Show Quotes

98. Weekly TV Show Schedule

99. Date Night Ideas

100. Spotify Playlists

101. Podcast Playlists

102. Fave Blogs

103. Fave Blog Posts

104. Writing Prompts

105. Writing Tasks

106. Prayer

107. Bible Study

Business Bullet Journal Ideas

108. Work in Progress

109. New Work Ideas

110. Blog Post Ideas

111. Editorial Calendar

112. Blog Stats

113. Social Media Stats

114. Fave Hashtags

115. Business Expenses

116. Business Mileage

117. Tax

Bullet Journal Ideas Summary

If you’ve been looking for ideas for a journal such as a bujo, I hope these bullet journal page ideas have given you some food for thought.

These bujo key ideas can be used as bullet journal title ideas to give you a starting point in each clean page. Alternatively, use them as weekly bullet journal ideas for particular weekly themes.

A bullet journal tracker is a wonderful and creative way to stay organised and productive but also makes great therapy. For me, using my planner is a form of self-care. In fact, as a busy mum, planning my week is sometimes my only ‘me-time’ so I make the most of it!

If you’re looking for more habit tracker bullet journal ideas, you can check out my list of 100 Habit Tracker Ideas here.

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Want to know what to put in a bullet journal? This cool bullet journal ideas list has 100+ bullet journals ideas for beginners to get started with bullet journaling! Use this bullet journaling ideas list as inspo for your habit tracker bullet journal now! #bujo #bujolists #bujoideas #bulletjournalideas #bulletjournaling #bulletjournalingideas #habittrackingideas #habittrackerideas #bulletjournaltracker

I hope my list of Bullet Journal Ideas has inspired you! Originally published on Jan 13th 2020 and updated.


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